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Can I use an online service to submit an updated photo to the PLB?

You can submit your updated photograph online through the Building and Energy website.  Simply ensure your digital photograph is not more than one month old and shows your head and shoulders against a plain background, like a passport photo.

How will I know if I need to provide an updated photo?

The online renewal process will prompt you if you are required to submit an updated photo.  

What will happen if I don’t provide an updated photo when required with my renewal application?

Your licence will automatically expire and then you will not be authorised to carry out plumbing work.  You must not carry out plumbing work if your licence has expired. 

You have a further 28 days from the date of your licence expiry to renew your licence and submit information including photographs if necessary to complete your application.  If you don’t apply within the 28 day period and you want to hold a plumbers licence, you will have to apply to the PLB to re-issue your licence.  If you intend to retain your plumbers licence it is best to renew on time.

Who can I contact for help with updating my photo?

Please contact Licensing Services on 1300 489 099 if you have any questions or concerns.

Update your licence card photograph Go to the online renewal webpage

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