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Have you checked if the products you are buying or installing are certified for use in Australia?

In Australia most plumbing and drainage products must be WaterMark certified. 

The WaterMark Certification Scheme is a mandatory national scheme for plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. This means that a material or product has been tested and evaluated to an approved product specification and certified by an accredited organisation.

How do I know if a plumbing product is WaterMark certified?

Certified products can be identified by the WaterMark certification trademark, which must appear on a product or its packaging, along with its WaterMark licence number and the applicable product specification. Certified products are listed on the WaterMark Product Database.

The WaterMark Product Database provides consumers, industry professionals and regulators an access point to confirm if a product has been certified before purchasing or installing the product. This simple check helps ensure that your plumbing and drainage systems work properly and the water you use is safe.

All products that are intended for use in a plumbing and drainage installation must undergo a risk assessment to identify any likely risk of manufacturing faults and installation failures. Products with identified risks that require mitigation through the Scheme are listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Products. Likewise, products with identified risks that don’t require WaterMark certification are listed on the Schedule of Excluded Products. Both schedules can be found on the WaterMark website.

Look for the WaterMark database
Look for the WaterMark database, by sgrove


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