Notice of intent (NOI)

The notice of intent (NOI) has been developed to advise the gas supplier of a likely significant future gas load that may impact on their supply infrastructure and enable them to monitor the progress of the gasfitting work being carried out.

Building and Energy intends trialling the use of the downloadable NOI from the website.  If the trial is successful Building and Energy intends to seek approval to amend the regulations to make submission mandatory.

When should you complete an NOI?

An NOI is only required to be completed for the following installations:

  • 'Multi-residential' is a development having 16 or more sole occupancy units or dwellings;
  • 'Multi-storey' means three (3) or more storeys, excluding mezzanine or parking areas;
  • 'Consumer piping nom. size greater than 32mm' means piping of nominal diameter greater than 32mm;
  • 'Class I' is an industrial/commercial gas installation containing a Type B gas appliance; or
  • 'Gas rate greater than 1,000MJ/h' is the total nominal gas consumption of all installed appliances exceeds 1,000MJ/h.

Who can submit an NOI?

The submitter may be either a registered gas fitter or other design person (e.g. mechanical engineer, plumbing designer, hydraulic consultant, developer, project manager, architect, planner etc.).

Useful tips

  • Download the NOI form from the Building and Energy website.  You may print the form and complete it manually or save it to your computer as a master document for electronic completion.
  • If saving the form for electronic completion, save information to be repeated on the 'master' form (i.e. Section 10 of the NOI that relates to the submitter).
  • Open the 'master' form and click the 'Get a New Number' button and a unique number will be generated.  Save the form using the NOI number and the name of the project for the file name.  Complete the details of the installation on the form.
  • Submit the form to the gas supplier as early as possible in the planning/design stage of a project and well before commencement (six weeks minimum where possible).
  • Where the form has been submitted by email or facsimile, the original must also be submitted to the gas supplier or Building and Energy (where the gas supplier cannot be established).
  • Keep a copy of the submitted NOI for your records.
Gas suppliers:
Supplier Address Phone No:   Fax No: Email
ATCO Gas Australia

PO Box 3006
Success WA 6964

13 13 56
Elgas (incl. BOC)

PO Box 5006
Beckenham WA 6107

6465 8556 6254 2893
Hills Gas Supply

130 Pomeroy Road
Lesmurdie WA 6076

9291 5551 9291 0211
Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas

PO Box 4184,
Myaree Business Centre WA 6960

13 21 80 9312 9868
Origin Energy

Lot 335 Harries Way
Pinjarra WA 6208

9557 4400 9557 4409
Building and Energy

Locked Bag 100
East Perth WA 6892

6251 1900 6251 1901


How to complete an NOI:

The NOI has 10 sections that are required to be completed.  An example is included to show how to complete each of these sections.  An explanation of how to complete each of these sections follows:

Section 1 - Installation type

Mark (with cross, tick or shading) any of the appropriate boxes on an NOI where a complete gas installation applies.  These boxes are contained in a highlighted yellow row on the Notice.  The meanings are supplied in Section 9 of the NOI form.

Section 2 - Details of installation, gas supplier and retailer

Complete these rows.  Provide directions to allow easy location of the gas installation if there is only a lot number.

Section 3 - Fixed installation details

The meanings of the abbreviations are as follows:

  • NG - natural gas
  • LP Gas - liquefied petroleum gas
  • Other - any other gas or pressure is to be stated

Section 4 - Gasfitting work

Mark any of the boxes for the appropriate type of gasfitting work (multiple boxes can be marked).  The meanings of these work types are as follows:

  • 'New' means the direct connection of an installation to the gas supplier's distribution system or pressurised container for the first time.
  • 'Additional' means additional or alteration work done to an existing installation.
  • 'Pipework/Appliance' means pipework or a gas appliance(s) involved in an installation.
  • 'Installation' means gas appliance(s) connection and/or installation of pipework.
  • 'Commissioning' means bringing into operation of an appliance.
  • 'Commenced supply' means commenced gas supply for the first time.
  • 'Repair' means significant mending or restoration of an installation.

Section 5 - Type A (domestic/commercial) appliances

Provide the number, make, model and gas consumption of all appliances to be installed under this notice (not existing or future appliances), each of which must be approved.

State the total gas consumption for the number of appliances at MJ/h for each appliance described.

Section 6 - Type B (industrial/commercial) appliances

Provide full description, gas rate and whether pre-assembled, site assembled or a converted industrial/commercial gas appliance to be installed under this notice (not existing or future appliances).

Provide the registration number of the independent designated Type B gas appliance inspector who is to issue the Certificate of Compliance.

If carrying out only part of the installation work, specify this in Section 8 (e.g. 'pipework only to isolating valve').

Section 7 - Mobile installations

Completion of this section of the NOI is not required.

Section 8 - General information

Mark appropriate box and if the 'yes' box on the first row is marked, provide comments or details including likely or used variation/exemptions/dispensations.

Provide detailed description of parts of the existing gas installation that do not comply, if the 'yes' box on the second row is marked.

If insufficient space, attach separated sheets.

Section 9 - Certification of gasfitting work

Meaning of complex installation types.

Section 10 - Declaration of submitter of NOI

Complete all relevant details of the submitter on the NOI.

The submitter may be either a registered gas fitter or other design person (i.e. mechanical engineer, plumbing designer, hydraulic consultant, developer, project manager, architect, planner etc.).

If a gas fitter completes the NOI, then the gas fitter's registration number and permit classes are required.

The NOI must be signed by the submitter.

An example of how to complete an Notice of Intent (NOI) for a new multi-residential development (30 residential units)

Example of a completed NOI


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