Electrical Contractors must provide Preliminary Notices, Notices of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificates for electrical work as required by the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991.
Preliminary Notices and Notices of Completion must be completed and provided to the relevant network operator or to Building and Energy (where there is no network operator).
Electrical Safety Certificates must be completed and provided to the person who requested the work.
It is the responsibility of the person(s) signing the Notice of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificate to ensure that the work performed is complete, safe and complies with the Regulations and relevant technical standards, including AS/NZS 3000:2007, Wiring Rules.

These are legal documents and every effort must be made to ensure they are complete and accurate prior to lodgement. Submitting a PN, NOC or ESC which is not duly completed is an offence under the regulations.

A notice is not duly completed unless:

  • it describes clearly and accurately the electrical installing work to which it applies and states the address where that work was carried out and the date on which that work was completed;
  • it certifies that the electrical installing work to which it applies has been checked and tested and is safe and complies with these regulations; and
  • it is signed or executed by the relevant electrical contractor or its authorised employee (nominee - PN, NOC and ESC; authorised  electrical worker – PN and ESC; other authorised staff – PN).

Electrical contractors must implement and maintain adequate systems and controls to ensure that they and all their staff correctly complete PNs, NOCs and ESCs before submission.  


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