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To carry out water supply, sanitary or drainage plumbing work in Western Australia a person must hold either a plumbing contractors licence or a tradespersons licence issued by the Plumbers Licensing Board.

Licensed tradespersons must work under the general direction and control of a licensed plumbing contractor.

Some licensed plumbing contractors trade using a business name. As plumbing licences are only issued to individuals it is the name of the plumbing contractor responsible for the work that will appear in the Plumbers Licensing Board's register.

An extract from the Plumbing Contractors register or a full copy of the register can be purchased from the Plumbers Licensing Board. To enquire about this facility please email or call 1300 489 099.

Please ensure that when attempting to do a search for a plumber by number, the search begins with PL and then the licence number with no spaces.

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