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Technical notes on plumbing industry topics are issued to assist licensed plumbers to comply with the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000 (the Regulations) applicable to water supply, sanitary and drainage plumbing work in Western Australia.

Each technical note is to be read in conjunction with Part 6 of the Regulations that currently adopt the Plumbing Code of Australia as the plumbing standards with the deemed-to-satisfy Plumbing and Drainage Standard AS/NZS 3500:2018 (the Standards) modified in certain matters to suit the State's building approach and other local conditions.

Please note: the below Technical notes have been updated to reflect the current standards. The removed Technical notes are currently being amended and will be published as they become available.

Current technical notes

Cold water services

Support and fixing of pipework (v2 May 2019)
Flexible spray hoses (v2 May 2019)
Braided flexible hoses (v3 May 2019)
Pipe sizing and commissioning (v2 May 2019)
Pressure Control Valves (v2 July 2019)
Disinfection of storage tanks and water services (July 2019)

Heated water services

Water heater installations  (v4 July 2019)
Plastic pipes to solar water heaters  (v2 July 2019)
Heated water piping (v2 July 2019)
Flow and return lines from solar water heaters (v2 July 2019)
Water heaters and water tanks in roof spaces (v2 July 2019)

Sanitary plumbing

Trade waste applications (v3 May 2019)
Above-ground pipework using drainage principles (v3 May 2019)
Connection of condensate waste to sanitary plumbing and drainage systems (v3 May 2019)
Air admittance valves (AAV) (v4 July 2019)
Reduced velocity aerator stack systems (v1 2020)

Drainage plumbing

Boundary traps (v3 May 2019)
Vacuum sewers (v2 May 2019)
Multi-unit developments (v4 April 2021)
Overflow relief gullies and reflux valves (v3 May 2019)
Inspection openings for drainage (v2 May 2019)
Inspection shaft, gully and trap risers (v2 May 2019)

Miscellaneous technical notes

Miscellaneous technical note A – Water services providers conditions of connection; reticulation cut-ins; solvent welded traps; bin wash areas (v2 May 2019)
Miscellaneous technical note B (v2 July 2019)

Specific topics

Plumbing Code of Australia (v2 September 2022)
Evaporative airconditioners, waste water drains and water supply (v2 May 2019)
Services to survey strata lots (v3 August 2020)
Pumping apparatus and venting (v2 May 2019)
Junctions in sanitary and drainage systems (v1 2019)
Accessible sanitary facilities (v5 October 2020)

Each technical note is distributed to all licensed plumbers with a current email address.

Any questions on the content of the technical note series can be directed to:

Plumbers Licensing Board's Technical Advice Line
1300 360 897

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