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Western Australia’s plumbing standards

The Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000 (Plumbing Regulations) prescribe the plumbing standards that apply in Western Australia. In general, the plumbing standards that apply are the following parts of the Plumbing Code of Australia:

  1. Section A;
  2. Part B1 and Part B2 other than Part B2.6;
  3. to the extent that the requirements relate to water supply plumbing and water supply plumbing work – Parts B3 and B4;
  4. Parts C1 and C2; and 
  5. Part G1.

Compliance with the PCA is achieved by satisfying the Performance Requirements listed in the PCA. Compliance with the Performance Requirements can be demonstrated by:

  1. complying with the Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions; or
  2. formulating an alternative solution which –
    1. complies with the performance requirements; or 
    2. is shown to be at least equivalent to the deemed-to-satisfy provisions; or
  3. a combination of (a) and (b).

In general, the easiest way to comply with the performance requirements of the PCA is via deemed-to-satisfy provisions. The deemed-to-satisfy provisions are based on the relevant Australian Standards, which means that compliance can be achieved by complying directly with the Australian Standard.

Guidance note for installing alternative plumbing and drainage solutions

Where a licensed plumbing contractor is choosing to include an alternative solution, there are a number of additional steps to follow. These steps are outlined in the ‘Guidance Note for Installing Alternative Plumbing and Drainage Solutions in WA’. 

Appendices to the guidance note:

Appendix A – WA Variations to AS/NZS 3500:2015
Appendix B – Compliance with the NCC
Appendix C – Development of performance solutions
Appendix D – PCA assessment methods
Appendix E – Understanding the PCA case study
Appendix F – Flow diagram for alternative plumbing or drainage solution installations


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