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The Plumbing Industry Reference Group (PIRG) is an advisory body providing expert advice to the Plumbers Licensing (Board) on a range of plumbing and occupational licensing matters, including the licensing regulations, the education and training of plumbers, and the technical plumbing standards.  

The current PIRG membership (listed below) comprises representatives from small business, plumbing companies, peak bodies and educationalists. The PIRG is supported by the Building and Energy Division for the Board.

Terms of Reference 

The PIRG operates with members invited by the Board to act on a voluntary basis in providing the Board with expert comment and current trade advice regarding:

  • the adequacy of current legislation and regulations within the Board's jurisdiction;
  • any scheme, arrangement proposal or project in place or being considered that affects, or may affect, the plumbing industry;
  • any matter relating to best practice and trends within the plumbing industry that may involve but is not limited to licensing, training, compliance and inspection audits or community awareness; and
  • any other matter referred to the PIRG as a group or on an individual basis.

The PIRG will not be involved with: 

  • prosecutions or breaches of legislation; or 
  • disciplinary inquiries to be referred to the State Administrative Tribunal. 

The PIRG will also not preclude individual or representative groups from providing comment to the Board or the Board's process to call for public submissions from the industry or consumers on any matter. 

Current PIRG membership

Ron Grant, Master Plumbers & Gasfitters Association
Geoff Kelly, MPA Skills
Benjamin Keane, Association of Hydraulic Services Consultants Australia (WA Chapter) Inc.
Stephen Movley, Institute of Plumbing Australia
Andrew Power, Plumbing Trades Employee Union
Stuart Henry, Manufacturers and Suppliers
Alan Hall, South Metropolitan TAFE
Grant Fitton, North Metropolitan TAFE
Joseph Clynk, Member
Clinton Holborn, Member


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