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All fees below are effective from 1 July 2019.

Initial licence – application fee

Contractor's licence $63.50
Tradesperson’s licence $28.00
Tradesperson’s licence (drainage plumbing) $28.00
Provisional tradesperson’s licence $24.00
Provisional tradesperson’s licence (drainage plumbing)  $24.00
Restricted plumbing permit $24.00


Issue of licence or permit fee 

Issue of tradesperson’s licence 3 years $240.00
Issue of contractor licence 3 years   $648.00
Issue of provisional tradesperson’s licence 1 year $75.00
Issue of restricted plumbing permit for 3 years    $301.00

Licence renewals

Contractor’s licence 3 years    $648.00
Tradesperson’s licence 3 years    $240.00
Provisional tradesperson’s licence 1 year    $75.00
Restricted plumbing permit 3 years $309.00

Replacement fees

Issue of duplicate licence or permit $65.00


Miscellaneous fees

Notice of intention and certificate of compliance SINGLE $22.50
Notice of intention and certificate of compliance 2 or more $22.50
Notice of intention and certificate of compliance book of 10 $225.00
Notice of intention and certificate of compliance book of 20 $450.00
Notice of intention including an alternative solution - 1 notice $23.45
Lodgement fee for NOI including alternative solutions $795.60
Multi-entry certificate of compliance, per certificate $17.00
Multi-entry certificate of compliance book $192.00
New installation fee 1 to 9 fixtures* $69.25
New installation fee 10 or more fixtures (per fixture over 9)* $11.40

Application for declaration for non‑application or modification of plumbing standards

Re-inspection fee (per hour or part thereof)* $130.00


Register (copies/extracts)

Certified copy of the plumbers register    $61.80
Extract of a specific plumbers entry  $61.80


*GST Inclusive.  All other fees listed above are exclusive of GST.  

Building and Energy schedule of fees

A print-friendly PDF version of the complete fee schedule is available below

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