Plumbing tradesperson's licence

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A tradesperson's licence authorises the holder to:

  • carry out water supply and sanitary and/or drainage plumbing; and
  • supervise the carrying out of such work by an apprentice, under the general direction and control of the holder of a plumbing contractor's licence.

To be eligible to obtain a tradesperson's licence you must demonstrate that you are a fit and proper person and competent in carrying out water supply, sanitary and drainage plumbing work.

How to apply

Applications can be submitted:

If applying in person or by post your application also needs to be accompanied by a completed Application Payment Form

Details of how to apply in person or by post are included on the application form.

All applications must be made on a fully completed application form which can be found here:  Form 102 – application form.

Should you have any queries regarding your application please contact 1300 489 099.


Time frame for application processing

Most applications are determined within five weeks. You can assist us to keep processing times as low as possible by:

  • Checking that you have attached all the required information, and have completed the application form in full, before submitting
  • Submitting using the online option
  • Allowing enough time for processing of your application before contacting us for an update.

Licensing officers will contact you if any additional information is needed to finalise your application.


Further details on the requirements for your application can also be found in Form 102 – application form.


Current application and licence fees for plumbers can be found in the fee schedule.

Application fee

An application fee is payable at the time of lodging an application. The application fee is non-refundable and GST is not payable.

Licence fee

If your application is unsuccessful the licence fee will automatically be refunded and posted to the address specified on the application form.

All licences are valid for three years from the date of approval.

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