RCD requirements for sale, rent and hire properties

RCD requirements for new installations built after 1 January 2019

All new installations constructed after 1 January 2019 have to comply with the new edition of AS/NZS 3000:2018 (Wiring Rules). As such, all final sub-circuits including those protecting hard-wired appliances (for example stoves, air-conditioners, etc.) in residential premises are to be RCD protected.

RCD requirements for domestic dwellings being offered for sale, rent or hire

Under the Electricity Regulations 1947 (the Regulations) all residential premises to be sold, rented or hired must have at least two RCDs protecting the final sub-circuits to socket outlets and lighting. There must be no more than three final sub-circuits per RCD. The lighting circuits (if there are two or more) must be divided between the RCDs.

The Regulations were amended in November 2018, to remove references to the Wiring Rules. The requirements for RCDs for residences being sold, rented or hired remain unchanged.

The law does NOT require RCDs on final sub-circuits protecting hard-wired appliances.

Owners of existing residences constructed prior to 1 January 2019 may decide to protect all the final sub-circuits but this is optional and not mandatory.

If an electrical contractor is engaged to verify that RCDs are fitted to a residence intended for sale, rent or hire, he/she needs to ensure that, as a minimum, RCDs are fitted as required by Electricity Regulations 1947 not AS/NZS 3000:2018.

Further details are provided in the Electricity Regulations 1947, Regulation 12 to 18 available from www.legislation.wa.gov.au.

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