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Gas worker

You will need your licence number and the email address registered with Building and Energy.

Enter your details and request a security code. We will send a one time security code to your registered mobile number or email address. Once you enter the access code and agree to the Terms and Conditions your User ID and password will be emailed to your registered email address. You can then login and use eNotice.

Gas eNotice guide

Information on how to use eNotice

Click here to download the guide

Ready to register for eNotices?

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Register for eNotices here

Set up your account

Once you have logged into eNotice it is worth taking the time to check contact details for your licence. These details are used to automatically fill section 9 on the form and cannot be changed when submitting the notice.

Check that the information stored under ‘My details’ is correct. If you need to change this, select ‘Change contact details’. You will be redirected to the Building and Energy online change of contact details gateway.


If you work for more than one company and lodge notices on their behalf, you can set up the company details under ‘My Companies’. These details are automatically entered into the notice.

If you have more than one company listed, the first question you will be asked when lodging an eNotice is which company you are performing the work for.

Multiple users

You may register other users on your account to draft or lodge eNotices. Under ‘User Management’ you may add or delete employees, such as office staff, apprentices or contractors who can draft or create an eNotice on your behalf.

There is no limit on the number of users you can register. However you are responsible for managing the users on your account and for assigning a specific role (draft, create or user management) to each user.

For further information view the registration and setting up your account video tutorials.

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