Restricted plumbing permit scope of work

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The below information provides a description of activities which Western Australian's (WA) with a restricted plumbing permit are permitted to perform. If you are a WA licensee visiting another state under AMR, you are only allowed to perform the activities listed below. 

If you need to apply for a WA licence more information is available on the licensing page.

Licence identifier: RP00 – RP00000

Scope of work

The plumbing work to be carried out must only be in the course of:

  1. removing a water heater; 
  2. removing and reinstalling a water heater; or
  3. replacing a water heater.

A restricted plumbing permit can only be issued to the holder of an electrical or gasfitting licence.

Specific activities

Disconnect, remove, install and connect the following:

  1. a compression union;
  2. a temperature/pressure relief valve; or
  3. an expansion control valve,

in the course of removing, removing and reinstalling or replacing a water heater.

The work cannot be done with a restricted plumbing licence if:

  1. a change to the existing pipes is required; 
  2. the existing pipes are not in safe and proper working order; 
  3. the temperature/pressure relief valve overflow pipe does not comply with the plumbing standards; or
  4. the use of a flexible hose connection is required.

Compliance requirements in WA

To get a WA licence

  • Must have:
    • an electrical workers licence; or
    • a gasfitting permit or authorisation
  • Must have an appropriate qualification
  • Must have an Australian Police Check
  • Must be a person of good character and repute and a fit and proper person to hold a licence – a criminal record is obtained
  • Must pay an application fee

To keep a WA licence

  • Must renew the registration every three years
  • Must submit appropriate compliance certificates
  • Subject to a fit and proper assessment at time of renewal

They must comply with the Plumbers Licensing Act 1995 and Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000.

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