Safe working guidelines and effective supervision of electrical apprentices

Every apprentice entering the electrical industry must be aware of the risks involved in working with electricity. The danger is real.

A person carrying out electrical work is very safe when the appropriate practices and procedures are followed.

Responsibility for general safety

Employer and employee responsibilities for maintaining workplace safety are set out in Sections 19 and 20 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984.

Employers have a duty of care to maintain a safe working environment for employees by providing information and training, safe work procedures, safety equipment and effective supervision.

Employees have a duty of care to ensure their own safety and to avoid any act or omission which adversely affects the safety of others during the performance of their work. Employees must cooperate with employers, follow safe work procedures and use protective equipment.

Safe working guidelines for electrical apprentices

Electrical safety for apprentices and young workers – video

The ‘Safe working guidelines and assessment for electrical apprentices’  booklet covers basic electrical safety practices to be learned and followed by every electrical apprentice. Safe working practices and procedures are an integral part of the electrical trade and must be the first skills learned.

It is provided as a guide to employers and apprentices to ensure apprentices have sufficient basic trade safety knowledge prior to being granted an electrician’s training licence.

This booklet also forms part of the apprentices reference material during the apprenticeship.

Safe working guidelines and assessment for electrial apprentices

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Safe working guidelines and assessment for electrical apprentices

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Apprentice safety assessment test and report

To apply for an electrician’s training licence, an apprentice needs to read and understand the safe working guidelines and then complete a written test with a minimum pass mark of 80%.

The apprentice’s employer must conduct the test and submit a brief report to Building and Energy with the apprentice’s training licence application form.

View the apprentice safety assessment test and report.

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