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Registered builders must erect a legible sign of reasonable dimensions on all works under their control. The sign must show their name and registration number (as it appears on their certificate of registration).

It is not sufficient to provide only a trading name.

In the case of a partnership or company, the sign must also include the name and registration number of the nominated supervisor. 

The Building Services (Registration) Regulations 2011 requires that the sign must:

  • be located in a prominent position on the site and be able to be read by members of the public from outside the site;
  • be of reasonable dimensions and written in clearly legible letters; and
  • contain the following details:
    • the name, registration number and contact phone number of the building contractor; and
    • the name and registration number of the nominated supervisor for the building contractor.

Failure to comply with the signage requirements may result in prosecution. For further information on signage rules see Industry Bulletin 28.

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