Smoke alarm laws

Western Australia's Building Regulations 2012 (the Regulations) sets out the requirements for home-owners to have compliant smoke alarms installed:

  • prior to the sale or transfer of ownership;
  • where a dwelling is rented under a residential tenancy agreement or made available for such rental; and
  • where a dwelling is made available for hire.

The following publications provide mor einformation on the smoke alarm requirements:

Relevant industry bulletins
Industry Bulletin 86 – Smoke alarms installed in additions or alterations to existing dwellings PDF 203KB
Industry Bulletin 79 – Building Code smoke alarm requirements for residential dwellings (new Australian Standard) PDF 208KB
Industry Bulletin 69 – Use of battery powered smoke alarms in dwellings subject to sale, transfer of ownership, lease or hire PDF 196KB
Industry Bulletin 48 – Smoke alarms as part of a home security system PDF 172KB
Industry Bulletin 41 – No interconnection of smoke alarms required in existing dwellings built before 1 May 2015 PDF 149KB
Industry Bulletin 40 – Interconnection of smoke alarms for construction of new dwellings only PDF 172KB


Smoke alarm laws consumer fact sheet Click here to download the fact sheet

RCDs - Under the Electricity Regulations 1947 all residential premises sold, rented or hired must have all socket outlets and lighting final sub-circuits protected by at least two RCDs Click here to download the fact sheet

Preventing bed fires – safety message Click here to view the short video

Further information

Smoke alarm location

Check the diagrams for example locations in the Smoke Alarm Fact Sheet.  The Building Code of Australia (Volume Two of the National Construction Code Series for residential buildings) sets out the technical requirements for smoke alarms.  You can register online to view the National Construction Code on the Australian Building Codes Board website at, or alternatively engage the services of a registered building surveying contractor or local government that provides this service.  Check whether a building surveying contractor is registered on our 'Find a registered services provider' webpage.

Smoke alarms, smoke alarm maintenance, fire safety around the home

Department of Fire and Emergency Services 9395 9816 or

Building Act 2011 Building Regulations 2012

Parliamentary Counsel’s Office website

Australian Standard for residential smoke alarms – AS 3786

Refer to the BCA for the relevant edition of AS 3786 that applies to your dwelling at the time of installation of the smoke alarms. Your local government may have a copy of the Standard that you can view at their front counter or library, or you can purchase a copy from SAI Global at The Standard can also be viewed at the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety library in Cannington.

Statutory Declarations

Information about Statutory Declarations is available on the Department of Justice website


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