Submitting notices

Submitting a Preliminary Notice, Notice of Completion or Electrical Safety Certificate through eNotice is a very efficient and intuitive alternative to paper forms.
The system automatically fills fields based on meter number and licensing details, meaning you do not have to manually enter this information each time.
After logging into eNotice, you can
  • lodge a new Preliminary Notice, Notice of Completion or Electrical Safety Certificate;
  • save or complete a draft Preliminary Notice, Notice of Completion or Electrical Safety Certificate;
  • complete a new Preliminary Notice or Electrical Safety Certificate using details from an existing one; and
  • view previously lodged Preliminary Notices, Notices of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificates.
The system guides you through the forms based on the information you enter. If you miss a required field the system prompts you to complete it.
On lodgement of a Preliminary Notice or Notice of Completion, a copy is emailed to you and the relevant network operator.
On lodgement of an Electrical Safety Certificate, a copy is emailed to you and the customer, if their email address is supplied. If the customer’s email address is not supplied, it is your responsibility to provide a copy of the
Electrical Safety Certificate to the customer by some other means.
Watch the lodge an eNotice video tutorial for further information.

Electrical eNotice guide

Information on how to use eNotice

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