Sustainability in the built environment

A sustainable building industry will balance environmental, social and economic issues to ensure a viable and valuable industry for future generations.

The building industry includes developing, planning, designing, building, altering, or maintaining the built environment. The manufacturers, suppliers, clients and end use occupiers should consider sustainability at every stage of a building’s life – during its construction, operation and demolition. Some of the ways in which this can be achieved will be through efficient use of energy and water, and minimizing waste generation.

Constructing sustainable buildings is an opportunity to use resources efficiently while creating buildings that improve health and wellbeing for occupants and provide better productivity.

The WA Alterations and Additions Protocol is an alternative solution that satisfies the Building Code of Australia’s energy efficiency requirements for alterations and additions in Class 1 and Class 10 buildings.


The following websites provide information on sustainable buildings.

  • The Australian Building Codes Board 
    Addresses issues relating to safety, health, amenity and sustainability in the design and performance of buildings through the National Construction Code Series, and the development of effective regulatory systems and appropriate non-regulatory solutions
  • Green Buildings Council of Australia
    Was established to develop a sustainable property industry and drive the adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions.
  • Josh’s House
    Showcases the benefits of sustainable housing to the community through demonstration and inspiration.
  • Local governments
    Your local government website is a very good source for obtaining information about a sustainable lifestyle - energy and water efficiency and waste reduction.
  • Public Utilities Office 
    Information on energy efficiency in residential and commercial buildings.
  • The Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre
    Offers a unique industry-government-research collaboration to improve Australia’s built environment industry.
  • Waste Authority 
    Promotes awareness and understanding of resource efficiency, waste avoidance and resource recovery
  • Water Corporation
    Provides tips on how to incorporate water efficient products and behavioral changes to reducing water wastage.
  • Your Home
    A guide to environmentally sustainable homes. 

Powering your new house for less

Ensuring your new home is sustainable and energy efficient

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