Type A gas appliances

What is a Type A gas appliance?

Type A appliances are domestic and commercial gas appliances of a type identified in regulation 42B of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999. This includes:

  1. Domestic cooking appliances.
  2. Domestic space heating appliances having a maximum hourly input rate of 150 MJ.
  3. Domestic refrigerators.
  4. Domestic outdoor barbecue grillers.
  5. Water heaters.
  6. Swimming pool heaters.
  7. Commercial catering equipment – boiling tables, open and closed top.
  8. Catalytic space heaters having a maximum hourly input rate of 20 MJ.
  9. Domestic decorative gas log fires having a maximum hourly input rate of 72 MJ.
  10. Incinerating toilets.
  11. Cooking, lighting or heating appliances that use LPG and are designed for outdoor use.
  12. Commercial catering equipment – salamanders and grillers.
  13. Commercial catering equipment – solid griller plates, griddles.
  14. Commercial catering equipment – barbecue grillers.
  15. Commercial catering equipment – ovens.
  16. Commercial catering equipment – boiling water units.
  17. Commercial catering equipment – stock pots.
  18. Commercial catering equipment – atmospheric steamers.
  19. Commercial catering equipment – fryers.
  20. Commercial catering equipment – food warmers, Bain-Marie.
  21. Commercial catering equipment – convection ovens.
  22. Laundry dryers.
  23. Overhead heaters.
  24. Industrial mobile air heaters.
  25. Indirect fired air heaters.
  26. Air conditioning units.
  27. Small gas engine driven appliances to which AS/NZS 5263.1.11 applies
    (for example air conditioner, electricity generator, etc).

Where a specific maximum hourly input rating has not been stated, the applicable maximum hourly input rating is 1,000 MJ.

Approval of Type A gas appliances?

The Gas Standards Act 1972 provides that a person shall not sell, hire, advertise for sale or install a Type A gas appliance in Western Australia unless the gas appliance is approved by the Director of Energy Safety, and is marked, stamped or labelled in the manner approved by the Director.

How can I get a Type A gas appliance approved?

The Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s Building and Energy division, which assists the Director of Energy Safety in administering the Gas Standards Act 1972, is in the process of reviewing its gas appliance approval processes. Until further notice, persons seeking to have a Type A gas appliance approved are advised to apply for approval under the gas certification scheme through one of the following Conformity Assessment Bodies:

Approvals given under the gas certification scheme are, in turn, adopted by the Director of Energy Safety as approval for the purpose of the Gas Standards Act 1972.

For more information, please contact egpgeneraladmin@dmirs.wa.gov.au or call 08 6251 1900.

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