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What is eNotice

eNotice is a web based facility for the electronic lodgement of Preliminary Notices, Notices of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificates for electrical work. 
It is free to register and use.
  • sends (by email) a copy of the lodged notice to you and the relevant electricity network operator;
  • sends (by email) a copy of the lodged Electrical Safety Certificate to you and the relevant customer, as long as the customer’s email address has been provided by you;
  • has a number of ‘smart’ features, such as automated data entry from meter data, address validation, and automatic entry of licensee details;
  • reduces time and data entry by auto-filling sections of the Notice of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificate from previously provided information; and
  • is accessible on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets (as well as normal computers) on a 24/7 basis. However, it requires connection to the internet.
It has been developed to improve the efficiency of work notice processes and achieve cost savings for all parties.

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