What is Plumbing eNotice?

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eNotice is a web based facility for the electronic lodgement of Notices of Intention and Certificates of Compliance for plumbing work (excluding multi-entry for minor works). It has been developed to improve the efficiency of work notice processes and achieve cost savings for all parties.

It is free to register and use, however fixture and form fees still apply.

eNotice has a number of ‘smart’ features to minimise time and effort to fill out forms, such as address validation, and automatic entry of plumbing contractor and company details.

On lodgement of a notice, eNotice will send (by email) a copy of the notice to you, as well as the customer, as long as the customer’s email address has been provided by you.

The system is accessible on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets (as well as normal computers) on a 24/7 basis. However, it requires connection to the internet.

Please note: From 1 October 2019 paper notices will no longer be available for purchase. Click here for details.

Plumbing eNotice guide

Information on how to use eNotice

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The submission of work notices is a requirement of the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000.

It is the responsibility of the person completing the Certificate of Compliance to ensure that the work specified complies with the Regulations.

Terms and Conditions

The use of eNotice is subject to a number of terms and conditions which must be acknowledged and accepted when registering.

eNotice terms and conditions

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