Owner-builders, adjudicators, registers and complaints – Fees

All fees listed below are exclusive of GST and effective from 1 July 2017. Please note that the fees and charges are subject to change on 1 July of each year but these new amounts are not known at this time.  Applications received on or after 1 July will be subject to the new fee.



Application for residential building $157.70
Application for Industrial/commercial building $423.30



Application fee $53.95



Standard complaint fee $107.85
Concession complaint fee $53.95


Full copy of builders, painters or building surveyors registers in Excel format $61.05

Extracts/copies for a single class of register that is for builders, painters, plumbers or surveyors) or a specific extract for a particular contractor/practitioner is as itemised in the fee schedule for that class.

Building Commission schedule of fees

A print-friendly PDF version of the complete fee schedule is available below

Click here to download the document


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