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Regulations made under the Plumbers Licensing Act 1995 set out the licensing requirements for a plumbing contractor’s licence.

Who needs a plumbing contractor’s licence

Anyone for intends to undertake plumbing work must first hold a licence to carry out that work.  A plumbing contractor is authorised to:

  • carry out the plumbing work specified on the contractor’s licence;
  • exercise general direction and control over the carrying out of authorised work by the holder of a tradesperson's licence or a provisional tradesperson’s licence;
  • supervise the carrying out of plumbing work by an apprentice; and
  • certify plumbing work and submit notices to the Plumbers Licensing Board (the Board).

Eligibility for a plumbing contractor’s licence

To be eligible for a plumbing contractor’s licence you must already hold a tradesperson’s licence and have a statement of competency from a registered training organisation, as a water supply plumber, sanitary plumber or drainage plumber.

Alternative qualification

The Board is empowered to accept equivalent Western Australian qualifications.  If you have a different qualification to that stated in the application form, the Board may accept your qualification as equivalent to the usual qualification. 

Applying for a plumbing contractor’s licence

Apply for a plumbing contractor’s licence by submitting:

  • a completed Form 101 – application form;
  • 100 points of identification;
  • two hardcopy passport style photographs;
  • an original or certified copy of a current National Police Certificate;
  • a copy of your statement of attainment of required competencies;
  • the application fee and licence fee shown on the application form.

Variations to a plumbing contractor’s licence

Usually a plumbing contractor’s licence applies to water supply, sanitary plumbing and drainage plumbing.  The Board also issues plumbing contractor’s licences with conditions limiting the licence holder to any of the following types of plumbing work:

  • water supply and sanitary plumbing;
  • water supply and drainage plumbing;
  • water supply plumbing;
  • drainage plumbing; and
  • sanitary and drainage plumbing.

Time frame for application processing

Most plumbing contractor applications are determined within four weeks. Please assist by submitting all the information required in your application and allow sufficient time for it to be fully assessed.

More information

Download the plumbing contractor’s licence application form above, which includes guidance on making your application.  Further information on obtaining a plumbing contractor’s licence is also available from the Building Commission on 1300 489 099 or email

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