Rectification notices

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If at some stage you have carried out plumbing work that does not comply with the prescribed plumbing standards and one of the plumbing inspectors confirms that your work does not adhere to these standards you may be issued with a rectification notice.

Rectification notices are issued to licensed plumbing contractors to ensure that standards of workmanship and the integrity of plumbing systems in Western Australia are maintained. A notice can be issued up to six years after the completion date for the work.

Please note the following if you have been issued with a rectification notice:

  • Rectify the work by the date and time given on the notice. 
    The date on the notice is binding. If you do not rectify the work by this date, penalties can be applied. If unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent you from completing the work on time, you must advise the plumbing inspector who issued the notice. In some cases an alternative arrangement can be made. The notice will also tell you which standard(s) you have breached. If you are unsure as to the best way to proceed call the officer who issued the notice.
  • Complete and return the compliance statement attached to the rectification notice.
    It is important that as soon as possible after completing the work, you notify the plumbing inspector who issued the notice, or if he or she cannot be notified, Building and Energy. Complete the statement that comes with the notice.
  • You cannot charge for rectification work.
    It is your responsibility to pay for the cost of rectifying non-compliant work. The owner of the property where plumbing work is to be rectified will be given a copy of the rectification notice. They will also be informed that you are not entitled to any form of payment for rectification work and that you can be penalised for requesting payment.
  • Re-inspection fees may be applicable. 
    Where a plumbing inspector needs to return to the site to confirm the plumbing work has been rectified, a re-inspection fee may be charged. The fee is charged per hour or part hour, plus GST, and is calculated from the time an officer has to spend onsite inspecting the plumbing work, plus the travelling time.

Further information

For most plumbers, receiving a rectification notice is not a regular occurrence. If you are issued a notice and have any questions about the process, contact the plumbing inspector or the Building and Energy.

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