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Associations and clubs are required to submit an information statement to Consumer Protection every year. This statement confirms the association is still active, eligible to be incorporated and has held its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Important change: New reporting exemption for associations registered with the ACNC

Consumer Protection and Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), have entered into a streamlined reporting arrangement from the 30 June 2020 reporting period.

Associations that are also charities registered with ACNC no longer need to report directly to Consumer Protection. This exemption is available where the association completes the ACNC’s information statement and includes the following:

  • the association’s registration number (IARN) (referred to as incorporated association number)
  • provides the date that its AGM was held; and
  • confirms whether the association has more than six members with voting rights.

Associations still need to provide an information statement directly to Consumer Protection if:

  1. one or more of the questions are not answered;
  2. the IARN is omitted or inaccurately reported.

Note: Associations who are part of a reporting group with the ACNC will still be required to lodge a separate information statement with Consumer Protection.

The exemption is not retrospective and associations will need to provide separate Information Statements to Consumer Protection and the ACNC for financial years ending before 30 June 2020.

Incorporated associations must also continue to notify Consumer Protection of any changes to its name, rules (also referred to as the constitution), status and contact addresses.

When to submit

Information statements must be submitted within six (6) months after the end of an association’s financial year. Associations and clubs can choose their own financial year so the due date for submitting the statement may differ between groups. For example:

Information statement due dates
Association’s financial year ends on: Info statement due by:
30 April 2020 31 October 2020
30 June 2020 31 December 2020
30 September 2020 30 March 2021
31 December 2020 30 June 2021


Note: AssociationsOnline users will be sent a notification about submitting the information statement on or before the association's end of financial year.

Information you will need

Make sure you have the following information ready to answer the information statement’s questions:

  • provide the association’s current address and address for service;

(An Address for Service is used to send official notices and legal documents to the association.)

  • provide the date of the most recently held annual general meeting;

(Excluding the first AGM, associations are required to hold its AGM’s every calendar year and within six months after the end date of the financial year. Copies of the financial statements must also be presented to members at the AGM.)

  • provide the association’s total amount of revenue for the reporting period;

(Revenue is the income arising in the course of the association’s ordinary activities. Read more information about calculating revenue in the Inc Guide.)

  • confirm that the association has at least six members with voting rights;
  • confirm the association’s main purpose (i.e. educational, sporting, recreation, religious); and
  • confirm if the association is registered with the ACNC.

(You can confirm whether the association is a registered charity by using the ACNC’s charity register.)

You do not need to provide copies of meeting minutes, financial reports or details of the association’s members or committee of management.

How to submit

Enrolled AssociationsOnline users can login to AssociationsOnline to submit an information statement.

Note: Your user account must be linked to an association in order to submit an information statement and receive reminders. Read more information about managing my association's details for further assistance. 

  1. At the AssociationsOnline sign in page, enter your user name and password then click the Login button. See the enrolment help guide for assistance. 
  2. Once you are logged into AssociationsOnline, you will see a “For Action” box with buttons labelled with a year. Clicking the year button will open the information statement form related to that period.

If you do not see any items listed under for action, you do not have any information statements that need to be lodged.

  1. Fill in the form by answering all of the questions. Click “next” to move through the sections and to finish click "Submit".

Watch our helpful video on how to lodge the information statement on AssociationsOnline. 

Change financial year end date

If your association wants to change its financial year end date in its rules then it must:

  1. pass a special resolution to change the rules;
  2. complete a change of rules application (Form 5) in AssociationsOnline; and
  3. ensure all time periods are accounted for in the next annual statement it lodges with us.

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