Bonds forms

Real estate agents and property managers

You are required to lodge a security bond as an eTransaction via the BondsOnline system since 1 September 2016.

Private lessors

Residential bond lodgement, disposal and variation forms can be completed online. You only need to print and sign them before submitting them.

The online screens look similar to the image below. You enter your information directly into the applicable fields and create to a completed PDF for printing.

Bonds online snapshot
Bonds online snapshot, by Bonds

Bonds forms

Anyone can use the electronic bonds forms . You do not have to be a licensed agent to use the forms.

Bonds forms

Please use one of the online forms listed below to complete and print the form/s. 

You can submit the form by hand, post or email, please see our contact details

If you experience any difficutlies please visit the help for using the forms online page.  

If you are unable to use the online system then you can download a pdf of the forms.

Required fields are listed in the frequently asked questions below.

Assistance with electronic forms

Step by step help

You can enter information directly into the fields you see on the online form. As you fill out the forms there will be a number of helpful tips along the way.

Bonds step 1
Bonds step 1, by Bonds

Instructions for completing forms

Step by step help boxes will guide you through the process.

If you omit a required field, when you use the VALIDATE button the omitted field will have a red frame around it and the error message VALUE IS REQUIRED. Further details of error messages can be found in the frequently asked questions below.

Printing requirements

The forms will produce as a four page document for printing on standard A4 paper or A3 paper in booklet style. The forms do not contain any colour and should be printed in black and white.

The lodgement form will contain an additional page which is a summary of the lodgement that owners/agents can provide to tenants. The documents will be provided in Adobe Portable Document (PDF) format. Adobe PDF files require the free Acrobat Reader plug-in, which is available from Adobe.

Session Time Out

After 25 minutes of inactivity you will be prompted to extend the session via a pop up message. If you choose not to or click the Cancel button, then the session will automatically time out five minutes later, a total of 30 minutes of inactivity

System Requirements

You will need to have JavaScript enabled on your browser. You may also wish to accept cookies as this will allow for some form details to be retained.

Download information

Information about the forms download size will be available once the PDF is produced. You will see the Adobe PDF icon when multiple PDFs are available to view.

What are the mandatory fields?

The form cannot be printed without certain fields being completed.


  • Tenant  - given name and surname
  • Owner  - at least given name and surname. Contact details will be required if there is no agent
  • Agent  - at least one contact field completed
  • Bond amount
  • Dates
  • If direct debit payment, then financial details


  • Bond reference number
  • Tick boxes to indicate the area of variation


  • Bond reference number
  • Contact details - either phone or email
  • Tenancy end date
  • Bank details if applicable

How do I print a blank form?

Blank PDF forms can be printed from the Bond forms page.   

Why is my bond amount invalid?

The form will only allow a maximum of $99999.99 in the amount fields. You will need to complete the form manually if any of the bond amounts exceed this figure.

Can I submit electronically?

The forms are to be completed, printed, signed, hand delivered, posted or (scanned and) emailed, please see our contact details.

However licensed real estate agents are able to use BondsOnline eTransactions.  This system allows agents to transact with the Bond Administrator online. For more information see the “I’m a real estate agent, how do I register?” question below.

Can I electronically sign a bond form?

Bonds Administration require all party signatures to be physical signatures. The signature must be produced by hand, using a pen or an electronic device. No other forms of electronic signatures will be considered acceptable. 

I don't have a printer; can you print it for me?

Unfortunately, no. As the form will need the signatures of all parties to the bond, and to protect your privacy, we cannot take the details of the bond and post the form to you. Please try your local library or community resource centre

What if I close it half way through?

The data in the forms will be lost.  This data has not been sent to the department on line in anyway.

Can I change something on the PDF if it's wrong?

Yes. Review the completed form before your close the form window. You can alter the details and validate the form again to create a new PDF.

The information on the lodgement summary page will change if the relevant lodgement fields are changed.

I get the message "......", what does it mean?

Invalid amount

The form will only allow a maximum of $99999.99 in the amount fields. You will need to complete the form manually if any of the bond amounts exceed this figure.

Value is required

If you miss something out, when you use the VALIDATE button what you have missed out will have a red frame around it and the error message of.

Please complete the payment details for ....

If you have selected a payment method of direct debit or credit then you will need to also complete the financial institution details

Invalid internet address

The format of the internet address that you have entered is not correct.

I used to ask for a particular colour form, which one was it?

  • Blue  - lodgement 
  • Green  - variation
  • Pink  - disposal, Form 4 

Why is there an extra page?

A separate PDF will be produced for a lodgement of bond that is a summary of the lodgement form. The lessor or park operator or agent can provide a copy of this summary to the tenant to meet requirements legislative requirements.

The lodgement form and the summary will show as separate documents that can be opened and printed.

What are the bond administrator’s contact details?

  • Email:
  • Fax:  08 6251 2813
  • Phone:  1300 853 829
  • Office: Mason Bird Building, Level 1, 303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington

Please note the bonds office will be moving to Mason Bird Building 303 Sevenoaks Street, Cannington in late July.  After which you will only be able to lodge forms at the Perth office.  All advice, disposals and processing will be available from Cannington office only. 

How do I get the completed PDF to come up?

Click the validate button at the bottom of the form and the system will generate a PDF with the details you have provided.

The forms require Javascript to be enabled in your browser. This is a default option on most modern browsers, but if you find that you are unable to validate the form or produce the PDF document, then you will have the option of accessing a blank form in PDF format.

What if I sign outside the signature box?

Please try to sign within the signature box.

If the department is unable to accurately match your signature when you sign to get the bond back, you will be asked to provide extra identification which will delay any payments being made.

I'm a real estate agent, can I register for BondsOnline?

BondsOnline is available to licensed real estate agents and includes electronic submission technology.  Why not do away with paper bond forms and start using eTransactions today?

Download the User Agreement, have the licensee or person in bona fide control sign and return to us via email.

Bonds publications

Some of the following publications may also be helpful to you:

Need some assistance?

Contact Bonds Administration by email or call 1300 853 829 with any questions you might have.

Please quote your bond reference number if you have one.

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