Buying from an Australian trader

Australian businesses and companies which trade online can include:

  • department stores and supermarkets;
  • an individual who has a registered business or company; or
  • an individual selling items through an online platform, such as eBay, who:
    • lists an ABN or company name in their advertising,
    • has a high volume of items for sale, or
    • has been trading for a number of years.

To check if the seller’s website is registered in Australia, enter the address in the Whois Lookup – ausregistry website.

Your refund rights

You have the same refund rights as you do when buying from a physical shop. This means any item you buy is covered by the Australian Consumer Law’s consumer guarantees.

The business may also have its own refunds and returns policy with additional rights, such as offering a refund if you change your mind.

If there is a problem with your product, view our refunds, repairs and replacements page.

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