Cancelling a charity licence

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Surrendering a licence

If a licence holder does not conduct any charitable collection activities in Western Australia over a continuous 12 month period it is required to surrender its licence to the Commissioner for Consumer Protection (the Commissioner). 

If there is a reason why the organisation needs to retain the licence e.g. plans in place to commence fundraising, it will be necessary to make a request to retain the licence. This request can be emailed to and should outline the organisation’s intentions for the future.

Alternatively, if an organisation no longer requires its licence because it is closing down or has stopped collecting in WA, it can submit a request to the Commissioner for the licence to be cancelled. 

To cancel a licence please submit a Voluntary cancellation of a charitable collections licence form. Please note that financial returns will be required up to the date of cancellation of the licence.

Revocation of a licence

The Commissioner has the power to revoke a charitable collections licence at any time. If an organisation does not comply with the conditions of the licence or the requirements of the Charitable Collections Act 1946 (WA), the decision may be made to revoke its licence. 

A licence may also be revoked in circumstances where:

  • money or goods received for charitable purposes are mismanaged or are not substantially applied to the charitable purpose. 
  • the amount of money or goods received and applied towards charitable purposes is inadequate in proportion to the total amount received.
  • remuneration paid to any person from the money or goods received is excessive, in relation to the amount received. 
  • The organisation has ceased to carry out any charitable purpose.






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