CPD distance learning - settlement agents

Participants operating outside of the Western Australia, or in its remote and regional areas, will be given adequate opportunities to obtain their CPD points.

A remote participant is any participant whose principal place of business falls outside a 100 km radius of Perth or Busselton.

To assist remote participants to complete the elective component of CPD, remote participants are permitted to accrue a maximum of two CPD points per CPD cycle for activities categorised under learning category four. While this category does not require the training provider to be a registered training organisation or approved training provider, the course or activities must be approved by Consumer Protection. 

Each year, distance learning packages will be made available to enable remote participants to complete the core activities during each CPD cycle.

Funding for travel expenses to attend CPD courses

Consumer Protection is able to provide financial assistance to those settlement agents who have to travel at least 100 km (in one direction) to attend a CPD seminar or workshop in either Perth or Busselton.

To obtain the subsidy, a statutory declaration detailing the distance travelled from where the agent is located to the venue of the seminar or workshop must be provided to the Commissioner after the agent has attended the seminar or workshop. Internet route finders are handy tools in calculating the distance in one direction.

The amount of subsidy paid will be calculated according to the following table.

CPD travel subsidy
Distance (in one direction)  Subsidy
100 km - 300 km  Maximum of $200.00
301 km - 1000 km  Maximum of $400.00
More than 1000 km  Maximum of $800.00


Please note the amount of financial assistance paid will be calculated on the distance the agent is located from the venue, not the overall distance travelled. For example, an agent travelling from Mandurah to Perth to attend a seminar, where the overall distance travelled exceeds 100 kilometres, will not be entitled to claim the subsidy. An agent, who travels from a location further than 100 kilometres away, such as Albany or Kalgoorlie, will be.

Distance learning packages

Distance learning packages have been developed for CPD participants who reside interstate or are not able to attend seminars due to their particular circumstances. Remote and regional settlement agents who are experiencing difficulty in completing the required CPD points by reason of geographical location are also eligible to access the distance learning package.

At least four points are to be earned from the core activities and the remaining two points from elective CPD activities. Successful completion will provide the applicant with the required CPD points for each CPD cycle. For more information about completing CPD points by distance learning, please contact the CPD team at Consumer Protection.

Phone: (08) 6251 2955
Email: cpd@dmirs.wa.gov.au

Please note: The elective activity “Trust account reconciliation” is required by all new settlement agent licensees within the first six months of operation. 

Interstate licences

You still need to obtain your CPD points in Western Australia if your licence was granted under the Mutual Recognition Act (Western Australia) Act 2001.  Should you experience particular hardship or difficulty in completing the required CPD points by reason of your geographical location, you may apply to Consumer Protection in writing for a partial or full exemption.

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