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Fees and forms for debt collectors licensing. 


Debt collectors licensing forms


The fees listed below were correct as at 1 July 2024. Fees are subject to annual review and may change without notice.

Debt collectors licence fees

(from 1 July)

Application for a licence $2,525.35
Renewal application (for 3 years) $2,525.35
Late fee for renewal applications received within 28 days of expiry $631.30
Transfer $397.00
Issue of duplicate licence certificate $34.60


Refund of licence fees

A licensed debt collector may obtain a refund of fees paid in relation to a licence which is surrendered in accordance with regulation 9 of the Debt Collectors Licensing Regulations 1964 before the date of its expiry.

Licensees are required to apply to the Commissioner, who on receipt of the application, will refund to the licensee an amount that, in the Commissioner’s opinion, relates to the period between the day the licence is surrendered and the day the licence would have expired. 

Maintaining accuracy of information on licensees

Licensed debtors are required to notify the Commissioner in writing within 14 days of a change in any of the following relating to their licence:

  • the name of the licensee;
  • the address of the place of business of the licensee;
  • the address of the licensee (for an individual); and
  • the directors of the licensee (for a company).

For further details please see the Change contact details for a Consumer Protection licence page.

Need some assistance?

Please contact the Consumer Protection licensing advice line on 1300 304 064 or email.

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