Deregistering an incorporated association

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A benefit of incorporating is an association has perpetual succession, which means it can continue to exist regardless of any changes to it its membership.

However, there may come a time where the association has a lack of members or there is no longer any interest in continuing its activities and the incorporation of the association should be ended.

Ending an association

There are a number of ways in which an association’s incorporation can cease. These include the:

  • association’s members voluntarily applying for its cancellation;
  • Commissioner ordering its cancellation;
  • association’s members voluntarily applying for its winding up under the Corporations Act 2009; or
  • association or its members, creditors or the Commissioner applying to Supreme Court for its winding up;

An association’s incorporation may also come to an end if its members choose to either amalgamate (merge) the association with another incorporated association to form a new incorporated association or becoming registered as a different type of body corporate under another law.

Reporting defunct or disbanded associations and clubs

We are compiling a list of associations which may be defunct as they have not been submitting an annual information statement and appear to have been inactive/dormant for 12 months or more.

If you are or were a member of a club, society or association which is now defunct please let us know by completing our very simple 'report a defunct association' online form. 

Handy information you might be able to provide us includes: 

  • Registered name of the incorporated association:
  • Association Registered number 
  • Contact details
  • Last known activity
  • Any previous members

The list of associations which may be defunct should be available soon. 

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