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Fees and forms for employment agents licensing. 


Employment agent licence forms includes forms for new individual or body corporate/partnership licences plus transfer of licence form. 

Renewal application forms are sent to licensed employment agents approximately three months prior to the licence expiry date.  If you have not received the form please email us to request a replacement. Renewal applications received after, but within 3 months of, a licence expiring will incur a 25% late penalty fee.


As a result of the WA State Government’s $1 billion COVID-19 economic and health relief package, many licence/application fees have been discounted. Please note the fees listed below are correct as of 28 October 2020 and will only apply until 31 March 2021. More information is available from our Reduction of licence and related fees in response to COVID-19 coronavirus page. 

Licence type and fees
Licence type Fee
Grant of a general licence  $743.00
Renewal of a general licence  $525.00
Late renewal fee (25%) $131.25
Duplicate licence $0.00
Application for transfer of licence under section 19(6) $0.00
Inspection of a record under section 51 of the Act  $0.00
Copy (certified or uncertified) of an individual registration
First page $0.00
Each subsequent page $0.00
Copy (certified or uncertified) of all registrations in the register $0.00


Need some assistance?

Please contact the Consumer Protection licensing contact centre on 1300 304 064 or email.

Change my contact details 

You can use our online system to change your contact details.  


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