Ending a limited partnership

How to end a limited partnership depends on the type of partnership you are in. 

Ending a limited partnership

There are three ways to end a limited partnership:

  1. Change a limited partnership to a general partnership with the agreement of all general and limited partners, which can occur only if all of the limited partners become general partners or leave the partnership;
  2. Dissolve the limited partnership in accordance with the terms of the partnership agreement and the provisions of the Limited Partnerships Act 2016; or
  3. Wind up the limited partnership, which must be done by the general partners or in accordance with an order from a court or tribunal.

In each case, the partnership must notify Consumer Protection as soon as practicable after the dissolution or cessation by using a Notice of Dissolution or Cessation of a Limited Partnership form.  Lodgement details are on the form.

Need a form?

Information on forms and fees are available from the fees and forms page. 

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