Future regulation of WA's accident towing industry 2020

Reforming WA's accident towing industry - outcome of consultation.

The consultation report summarises what stakeholders told us about problems with Western Australia’s accident towing industry and options for regulating the industry.

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Towing industry reforms

Consumer Protection undertook extensive consultation with stakeholders in August 2020.

The consultation report includes:

  • background information;
  • an overview of stakeholder input in response to the C-RIS and surveys;
  • an analysis of options for reform; and
  • a preferred option based on an assessment against objectives for reform.

Why reforms are being considered

The WA Government is considering whether new laws are needed to better regulate the towing industry. This stems from concerns about unscrupulous, threatening and deceptive conduct on the part of some towing operators. This conduct is impacting consumers and making it difficult for ethical operators to compete.

What we found

The consultation confirmed concerns about the industry. 

The report concludes that given problems with the accident towing industry are seriously impacting consumers, insurers and industry participants, there appears to be a strong case for regulation of the accident towing industry, potentially through a combination of occupational licensing and fee regulation.

Downloads and resources

How will the information be used?

The consultation report will inform the next stage of the reform process and will help the State Government in reaching decisions about reforming the industry.

What happens next?

Cabinet approved the public release of the consultation report in February 2022. The Department of Transport will now take the lead in progressing this initiative including making recommendations for the Government’s consideration and developing new laws aimed at better regulating the industry.


Enquiries can be made by calling the Consumer Protection advice line on 1300 304 054 or by email.

Accident towing industry: Consultation report

The Consultation Report summarises the outcome of public consultation undertaken by Consumer Protection in August 2020. The consultation sought stakeholders’ views about the need for industry reforms and the options for regulating Western Australia’s towing industry.

Download the Towing consultation report (PDF)


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