Future regulation of WA's accident towing industry 2020

Consultation status: CLOSED

Submissions closed at 5pm on 22 September 2020

We encourage consumers, people involved WA’s accident towing industry and motor vehicle insurers to let us know their views about options for reforming the accident towing industry. 

Your feedback in response to this consultation will assist the WA government in deciding if any changes to the law are needed. 

The reason we are considering reforms to the accident towing industry is due to concerns alleging: 

  • some industry players are taking advantage of the vulnerability of consumers following an accident;
  • intimidation of accident victims in an effort to secure towing jobs;
  • price gouging – fees charged for towing and storing accident-damaged vehicles in WA are often many times higher than fees charged for equivalent jobs in other states; and
  • dishonest tactics – some towing operators making corrupt payments to public officers in exchange for crash information, making it difficult for ethical towing businesses to compete.

How to have your say

Complete a short five minute survey and/or provide a submission in response to our consultation paper

1. Please complete one of our online surveys


Towing industry survey


Towing CRIS industry icon
Towing CRIS industry icon, by Consumer Protection
If you work in the accident towing industry please complete this survey.

Towing industry survey closed 22 September 2020

Consumer survey


Towing CRIS consumer icon
Towing CRIS consumer icon , by Consumer Protection
If you are a consumer who has feedback about the accident and/or roadside breakdown towing industry please complete this survey.

Consumer survey closed 22 September 2020

2. Make a submission in response to our consultation paper

You are welcome to: 

  • write a short email or letter outlining your views; or
  • respond to questions presented in the consultation paper.

Consultation paper

The consultation paper identifies a number of options for reforming the accident towing industry.

Due to the seriousness of community concerns and risks to consumers, at this stage, the consultation paper indicates a preference for increased regulation of the industry.

Our aim is to provide better protections for consumers as well as a level playing field for industry participants.

The consultation paper includes:

  • an explanation of the problems we are trying to solve;
  • the estimated cost of regulating the industry;
  • estimated costs to industry, for example, licensing fees for businesses and drivers;
  • suggested maximum accident towing and storage fees;
  • information about the current regulation of the accident towing industry across Australia; and
  • the results of earlier consultation.


Enquiries can be made by calling the Consumer Protection advice line on 1300 304 054 or by email to consultations@dmirs.wa.gov.au.


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