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The main complaints Consumer Protection receives about holiday accommodation is generally about poor facilities and pricing disputes. Here are some tips to avoid disappointment when booking your next holiday. 

  1. Choose your destination carefully: As with any purchase do your research by speaking to friends and family and reading online reviews. 
  2. Make sure the accommodation you book has all the facilities you want and is in a convenient location. Watch out for extra fees for activities, meals or even air-conditioning.  
  3. Find out whether there are additional costs for postponing your trip and under what cancellation circumstances you would be entitled to a refund.
  4. No-frills flights can save you hundreds of dollars but remember to consider whether the services you need are offered. Budget airlines tend to have a lower luggage limit, might not land at primary airports or guarantee connections to other flights and may also have restrictions surrounding wheelchairs. Read terms and conditions carefully.
  5. Shop around for travel insurance. Look for what isn’t covered as well as what is. There may be clauses which you need to be aware of, such as; “in the event of theft you must report it to the police within 48 hours in order to make a claim”.
  6. If you’re booking via the internet follow the usual advice in regard to dealing with a reputable business which has a physical address and offers a secure payment system. There are advantages to using a credit card because of fraud and other insurance cover offered by the card provider but don’t get yourself into debt you cannot afford to repay.
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