Managing site agreements

Under current residential parks tenancy laws park managers must provide prospective long-stay tenants with seven disclosure documents, either electronically or hard copy, before any documents are actually signed.

  • the proposed agreement (relating to on-site home or site only; fixed term or periodic contracts).
  • an Information booklet park living
  • an information sheet (usually a Q & A) on rules for pets, visitor fees, the park’s utilities and, if there is a Park Liaison Committee, its membership and functions;
  • a copy of your park rules;
  • a condition report - relating to the condition of the relocatable home and/or the rented site;
  • a written schedule showing the amounts and types of fees and charges payable; and
  • information on any restrictions or conditions that will affect the prospective tenant’s right to sell their relocatable home or assign their rights under the proposed agreement

A park manager is also responsibile for ensuring the site can be legally used as a residence as opposed to a ‘short-term’ stay, is vacant when a new tenancy is taken up, and has sufficient keys to the amenities, gates or other communal areas provided to new tenants.

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