Motor vehicle repair premises

Motor vehicle repair businesses must operate from approved premises (including mobile premises). If a repair business operates from multiple premises, each additional premises must also be approved.

Fixed premises

The Motor Vehicle Repairers Act 2003 requires each applicant for a motor vehicle repair business licence to operate from premises suitable for the class(es) of repair work to be undertaken.

Information to be submitted:

  • When applying for a new motor vehicle repair business licence, you must submit the address of the principal place of business plus the address of each additional place of business from which you intend to trade.
  • You must apply to have any new premises authorised by completing the required form and submitting it to Consumer Protection, along with payment of the required fee prior to moving.
  • You must also notify Consumer Protection when you stop trading at any premises.

Mobile premises

A motor vehicle repairer may operate from mobile premises such as a workshop or van.

Mobile premises must be authorised (approved) before a repair business can start operating from those premises.

Information to be submitted

Each applicant applying for a business licence is required to submit the following information about each mobile premise [vehicles used for mobile repairs]:

  • make and model of vehicle;
  • year of manufacture;
  • vehicle colour; and
  • registration number.

For any changes to the mobile premises, the applicant must:

  • notify Consumer Protection when they dispose of a vehicle formerly used for mobile repairs;
  • inform Consumer Protection of the information above for any new vehicle acquired for use as a mobile repair vehicle; and
  • pay the required fee.

Note: The Commissioner can attach conditions or restrictions to any premises approval.

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