Motor vehicle salesperson

A salesperson is someone who is employed or engaged by or on behalf of a dealer to buy or sell motor vehicles.

A salesperson's licence is needed if you:

  1. Buy or sell vehicles.
  2. Complete sales contract documentation.
  3. Take a customer for a demonstration drive.

You will not require a salesperson's licence if you only:

  1. Meet and greet customers and survey or discuss customer needs.
  2. Record customers' details for the purpose of introducing a customer to a licensed salesperson.

What you need to do to get a licence?

To obtain a motor vehicle salesperson licence, you must:

  • Complete the application form.
  • Pay the appropriate fee.
  • Prove your identity and that you are over 18 years of age.
  • Prove you are a 'fit and proper person' and of 'good character and repute'; that is, you have no recent significant criminal convictions, as determined by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection. (A National Police Certificate must be provided with your application to establish this criterion).
  • Show you have sufficient knowledge of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act by successfully completing the motor vehicle salesperson licensing course.

You may qualify to be a trainee salesperson while you are waiting for your licence to be granted.

The following activities constitute the act of buying or selling vehicles:

  1. Writing up purchase contracts
  2. Taking a customer for a demonstration drive
  3. Negotiating with customers for the sale or purchase of vehicles

The following activities do not constitute the act of buying or selling vehicles:

  1. Meeting and greeting customers and surveying or discussing customer needs
  2. Recording customer's details for the purpose of introducing the customer to a licensed salesperson

Mutual recognition

If you are registered or licensed as a motor vehicle salesperson elsewhere in Australia or New Zealand, and want to be registered in Western Australia, you can find out more information about having your licence recognised in WA.

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