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Working together to improve park living

A park with 20 or more long-stay sites must have a Park Liaison Committee (PLC) – even those with less can establish one. The PLC plays an advisory (not decision making) role, particularly in areas such as preparing and amending park rules and developing policies, guidelines and standards.

The Park Liaison Committees - Commissioner's guidelines publication is an excellent reference tool addressing the establishment, purpose, functions and procedures of a PLC. 

What if there’s a problem – where can I go?

Disputes with tenants can occur over a range of issues ranging from challenges to rent increases, overdue rent, dangerous or disruptive tenants to general breaches of the rental agreement. Park managers can approach a number of sources for advice and assistance.  These include:

  • Consumer Protection - provides general advice and free conciliation service. For more information contact 1300 304 054.
  • State Administrative Tribunal (SAT) - unresolved disputes between park managers and tenants can be taken before the SAT.  The SAT acts in a similar way to a court of law and can make binding orders in relation to the tenancy agreement.

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