Privately selling a vehicle

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If you want to sell your vehicle, make sure it is presented well for sale. It's a good idea to start by cleaning, washing and polishing it. Have any mechanical faults repaired and ensure everything including lights, wipers, and air conditioning is in working order.

Many people advertise their vehicle for sale using newspapers, magazines, the internet, or notice boards.

Word-of-mouth to friends, family or colleagues may be another way you may find someone interested in buying your vehicle.

Ask a realistic price for your vehicle. Look through advertisements for the sale of similar vehicles in newspapers or magazines to get a better idea of what your vehicle may be worth. If you over-price your vehicle, people may be inclined to overlook it.

Be truthful about the details and condition of the vehicle. If it has a serious defect that you are aware of and you don't make it known to the buyer, you may be liable to legal action.

Make sure you have the vehicle licence papers. The Department of Transport has instructions on how to transfer licence when you sell (or buy) a vehicle.

To encourage purchasers it might be a good idea to get a PPSR Certificate to show that there is no money owing on the vehicle.

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