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The proactive compliance program is education based and helps motor vehicle industry to meet the requirements set out by the legislation plus identify and rectify areas of risk.

Proactive compliance visits

Consumer Protection staff randomly visit licensed motor vehicle repair businesses to check compliance with their relevant law.

The visits aim to provide education and advice on what the law means on a practical level, and any information about changes.   If the visits pick up obvious disregard for the law, this may result in cancellation of a licence/registration.

The proactive compliance checklist below will assist you to prepare for a visit.

If you would like more information please contact the Consumer Protection Advice Line team on 1300 304 054 or by email.

Preparing yourself

How the visit is conducted

A proactive compliance visit includes a:

  • meeting with the person in charge of the repair business
  • reconciliation of your current employees to ensure the accuracy of the Department’s database in relation to your staffing profile and certified  repairers
  • check of the current type of repair work being conducted by the business
  • inspection of outgoing business documentation including repair invoices, business cards etc
  • inspection a sample of advertising including website and any business social media pages
  • discussion about complaints (if any) lodged against the business

What you will need

The site visits are impromptu, however you can ensure the visit is conducted with the minimum of disruption to your business by regularly reviewing the checklist and knowing where key documents are stored e.g.

  • your dealers licence and certificate of authorised premises displayed
  • your licence number is clearly displayed on signage visible from the outside of the premises
  • your licence number is clearly displayed on the exterior of any mobile premises
  • a sample of outgoing documentation such as repair invoices are accessible
  • a sample of an advertisement recently placed


The visits aims to assist repairer businesses comply with the following legislation:

Proactive visit checklist

Proactive compliance checklist – Motor Vehicle Repair Business (MRB) 

Download this checklist to help you prepare for a proactive compliance visit.

Download motor vehicle repair business checklist

Motor vehicle repair business proactive compliance checklst
Compliance action Done
Is your licensed business name, MRB licence number and Certificate of Authorised Premises clearly displayed on the outside of your business?  
Is your business operating out of an authorised premises?  
Is the repair work being carried out, or appropriately supervised, by someone who holds a certificate for that class of repair work?  

Are you aware that you are required to notify the Commissioner for Consumer Protection (the Commissioner) within 14 days if a person:

  • ceases to be a qualified repairer with you; or
  • becomes a qualified repairer with you.

Changes for notification: 



For a firm or body corporate: Have any/all changes to the composition of the firm or body corporate been approved by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection?  

Are you aware, without prior consent from the Commissioner a person who has been disqualified under disciplinary orders cannot:

  • be employed in any capacity on authorised premises; or
  • be allowed to frequent authorised premises?

Are you aware that you must notify the Commissioner within seven days, of any conviction of a relevant offence by:

  • you or any licensees;
  • a person concerned in the management or conduct of a body corporate that is a licensee?
Is your licensed business name and licence number shown on all published advertisements?  
Is your licensed business name and licence number on all your business materials, e.g. quotes, invoices?  


More information about possible fines is available on the Motor vehicle repairers - Infringements page.


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