Residential park - long stay vs holiday tenants

Residential park residents (tenants) are covered by a set of specific laws.  If you are simply staying at a residential park for a holiday you are not covered by the same laws, however you still have general consumer rights. 

You are not covered by residential park laws if you are:

  • on holiday;
  • a park employee (including a seasonal worker) living on the premises; or
  • in a retirement village (which are covered by the Retirement Villages Act 1992); or
  • subject to a written, fixed-term agreement entered into before 3 August 2007 (until it expires and a new contract is entered into).

You are covered by residential park laws if you have:

  • rented a park site or home for three months or more;
  • a periodic tenancy entered into after 3 August 2007; or
  • entered into an oral agreement before 3 August 2007.

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