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Stocktake, mid-year, clearance and special occasion sales are a great way to boost revenue and clear out some old stock but you must meet all the consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.

Here are some tips to keep your sales a success and your customers happy.

Customer service

Exceptional customer service is not only key to a successful business, it will help your business grow. Keeping customers happy will bring them back to your business. 

Pricing and advertising

Make sure your products are correctly priced. If there are two prices displayed, the business must sell the item for the lowest price or withdraw the item from sale until the price is corrected. More information is available from the multiple pricing page.

The retail advertising guide covers a variety of ways retailers promote their sale prices. The guide explains how to avoid using misleading information which can confuse consumers. 

Stock availability 

If having a sale or special, make sure the goods or services are available in reasonable quantities for a reasonable period. If supply is limited, say so – 'x' amount or limited quantities only. If you are selling stock which has been discontinued make sure you are aware of your responsibilities for repairs and spare parts

Consumer guarantees

If a product you sell or service you provide is dodgy, not fit for purpose, not of acceptable quality, or does not meet any of the other consumer guarantees then the consumer has rights.

Consumer guarantees do not apply if: 

  • the product is misused in anyway
  • the consumer changed their mind
  • they knew of any product faults before buying, or
  • they bought a one-off product from a private seller, like at a garage sale.

If a consumer tries to return goods in the above situations, you have the right to refuse a refund, repair or replacement. But remember, a happy customer means good business. More information is available from the consumer guarantees - business rights and responsibilities page.

Product safety 

Make sure the products your sell are safe for consumers and made to an Australian standard. More information is available from the product safety section

Online selling

If you are selling online, you should offer a safe and secure website and make it easy to pay.  A customer still has the same rights when buying from an Australian company online. 

Terms and conditions

Clearly display your terms and conditions for all sales. This includes expiry dates, use conditions, delivery timing and costs. This will help consumers know what to expect. Delays, lost goods and damaged goods are the most common types of consumer complaint.


Consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law can not be waived or void in any transaction or contract. Extended warranties should provide more than the consumer's general rights under the ACL. More information is available on the extended warranties page

Proof of purchase

Consumers do not necessarily have to provide a receipt to be able to claim a remedy. They may use some other form of proof of purchase such as a credit card statement. More information is available on receipts and proof of purchases page.

Gift card and vouchers

Although businesses must clearly show the expiry on vouchers it is also just good customer service to make sure the customer is aware of the expiry timeframe and any other terms and conditions, especially use restrictions. More information is available on the gift vouchers page

Gift recipients

A gift recipient has the same rights as the purchaser, although they still must provide a proof of purchase to claim a remedy. More information is available on the gift recipients page

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