Uncollected goods

Many businesses are left holding goods which customers never return to collect. These goods often become a nuisance and take up valuable storage space. It is sometimes in your best interest to dispose of them.

If you decide to take this action, the Disposal of Uncollected Goods Act 1970 and its regulations set out procedures to be followed.

Uncollected goods are items that a person has temporarily left with a business, but:

  • has not returned to claim or collect;
  • has not told the business what to do with; or
  • cannot be contacted about.


  • A towing business picks up a damaged vehicle, but is not told by the owner what to do with it.
  • A motor mechanic is asked to repair a car, but the owner never returns to pick it up and pay for any work done.
  • Clothes left for dry-cleaning that are never collected.
  • Holidaymakers in a caravan park leave without taking their tent and camp stove.

Requirements for dealing with uncollected goods do not apply to:

The Act covers three types of uncollected goods:

  • goods not prescribed and valued at $3,500 or less;
  • goods not prescribed and valued at $3,500 or more; and
  • prescribed goods (of whatever value).

Prescribed goods

The following goods are ‘prescribed goods’:

  • batteries
  • bedding (including sleeping bags)
  • bicycles and bicycle parts
  • books
  • cooking utensils (including electric)
  • footwear
  • gardening tools (including mowers and sprinklers)
  • household appliances (including barbecues, hair clippers, portable hairdryers, portable electric or gas stoves, shavers)
  • household linen
  • leather goods
  • motor vehicle parts and accessories
  • radiograms
  • radios
  • record players
  • soft furnishings
  • spectacles
  • sports equipment
  • tape recorders
  • television sets
  • travel goods
  • typewriters (non-electric)
  • wearing apparel (except furs)

Stolen goods

If you believe goods in your possession may have been stolen, contact your local police station. You can find their address and phone number on the Western Australia Police website.

Disposing of uncollected goods

Disposing of uncollected goods page provides details on when and how you can dispose of goods.

A fact sheet has been developed for the disposal of vehicles, but it is applicable for the disposal of any type of product left with a business:

Disposing of uncollected goods

Covers the rules which apply to disposing of uncollected goods.

Disposing of uncollected goods

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