Unlicensed traders and scams

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The department is responsible for a variety of licences and registrations. Consumer Protection administers the following:

Please visit EnergySafety, Building Commission and WorkSafe for other licences the department issues.

Most licensed traders have to undergo training, possess a great deal of knowledge about the law and meet certain selection criteria and checks before they are approved for a licence by the Commissioner of Consumer Protection. As a result, establishing and running one of these businesses can require a great deal of investment in time and money.

If consumers use unlicensed traders, they are left with little or no protection if something goes wrong and this is particularly risky with unlicensed vehicle dealers and repairers.

Dob in an unlicensed trader

If you believe your trader is unlicensed, please contact Consumer Protection. A person convicted of unlicensed dealing may face a maximum fine of $50,000.

Formal complaints can be address to:


1300 304 054

Commissioner for Consumer Protection
Locked Bag 100


See report a scam page for more information.

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