Your rights - multilingual

Consumer protection agencies in Australia develop an innovative communication tools to help people from diverse backgrounds understand their consumer rights and responsibilities under the Australian Consumer Law. 

Your rights when buying something

Your rights when you buy something, produced by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), explains your consumer rights and the steps you can take to resolve problems.  It includes information about disability-related purchases,. It is written in easy english, which is more accessible for people who have difficulty reading and understanding written information.

It is available in English and eight other languages: 

My Consumer Rights series

The new My Consumer Rights is a series of animatic videos in seven languages to help new migrants.

The videos are suitable for people who have low literacy skills to help them navigate the Australian consumer marketplace.

The use of a combination of simple messages, universal symbols and gestures helps create easy-to-understand animated stories to help explain potentially complex subjects such as consumer guarantees, warranties and contracts.

Many new migrants to Australia, such as refugees and humanitarian entrants, lack awareness and understanding of their rights and responsibilities due to language and cultural barriers, lack of confidence, low literacy and fear of accessing government services. As a result, many new migrants rely on intermediaries to act on their behalf.

This innovative educational tool will help educators and intermediaries provide English language students and new migrants with basic information on buying goods and services to help their settlement needs in Australia.

The My Consumer Rights animatic videos are available in English and six other languages:

The videos feature the following consumer rights topics:

The videos can be accessed on YouTube and on consumer protection agencies websites.

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