Unsafe and dangerous gas appliances

The Director of Energy Safety can prohibit the sale/hire/use of an appliance or component if considered that such appliance/component is, or is likely to become, unsafe or dangerous in use. This applies also to gas appliances/components that are approved.

Appliances that may be unsafe or dangerous should be switched or turned off and the matter reported to the Director.

Product Recalls Australia is a website of the Compliance Strategies Branch of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, the national law enforcement agency that is an independent Commonwealth Government statutory authority. The website provides the public with information about voluntary safety related recalls notified to the Parliamentary Secretary and to the Treasurer.


Active and Co Portable Single Burner stove

Kmart Australia LTD is undertaking a recall of its Active and Co portable single burner butane gas stove, model number PL-222 - IAPMO Certification No. GMK10262.

The product was sold at Kmart stores between December 2015 and April 2017.

Product defect

Due to an issue with the manufacturing of the Active & Co product there have been instances where gas leakage could occur during operation.


Possibility of fire or explosion

What should I do?

Customers should cease using this product immediately and return the product to any Kmart store for a full refund.

Further Information

For more information please contact Kmart Customer Service on 1800 124 125 Monday-Friday between 7am -7pm or visit www.kmart.com.au.

Gasmate portable butane heater

Sitro Group Australia Pty Ltd is undertaking a voluntary recall of selected portable butane heater model BH10PL.

The product was sold nationally at Bunnings and camping specialist stores between 13 September 2012 and 8 June 2017.


Consumers may be at risk if the instructions "use outdoors" are not adhered to and the appliance is used on the lowest possible heat output in a confined space.

If the product is used in a confined small unvented space, (i.e. a small tent), a hazardous situation of dangerous combustion gas by-products may be created, posing a possible asphyxiation hazard and/or combustion hazard.

What should I do?

Consumers should stop using the product immediately and are aksed to contact the customer service line on 1300 174 876 or return to the place of purchase for a full refund of the product.

Further Information

For further information, call Sitro Customer Service line on 1300 174 876 or email productsafety@sitro.com.au.

Gas Log effect space heater

Which models are affected?

Rinnai "Symmetry" inbuilt gas log effect space heaters as pictured below, models RDV3610ETR and RDV3611ETR made from 2010 onwards. Other Rinnai gas heaters are not affected.

Rinnai Symmetry gas log effect space heater recall
Rinnai Symmetry gas log effect space heater recall, by Product Safety

Where can I find the model name and number?

The model name and number can be found on the front page of the Operating / Installation instructions supplied with the heater. If unsure visit the dedicated website www.symmetryservice.com.au for further means of identification or call 1800 043 214.

Product defect

The mesh-guard may separate from the front of the heater due to delayed ignition and there is also a very remote possibility of glass breakage.


Risk of injury.

What should I do?

Confirm whether or not you have a Rinnai Symmetry Inbuilt gas log effect space heater by visiting the dedicated website www.symmetryservice.com.au or calling us on 1800 043 214. If so, Rinnai will then arrange for an authorised service technician to provide a free in-home service. It is advised that you do not operate the heater until the service is performed.

For further information

Visit the website www.symmetryservice.com.au or call us on 1800 043 214.

Portable butane cookers

Prohibited from sale and use

Recent tests and audits revealed the following models to be unsafe and are prohibited from sale and use:

Model Name Model Numbers Certificate Number 

Auscrown, Wild Crown, Handy Range

AD90 AGA 5241
Gasmate PC2080 AGA 7920G

My Collection, Red Stone,
Home Essentials, Bai Hui


BDZ-168, BDZ-163S 

AGA 7378 G
Illusion U-Bute traveller  AGA 7633 G

Campmaster, Red Centre, Grillrite,
Rough It, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country,
Festiva, Campers Collection, 
Spinifex, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz,
Escape, Gas Craft

XX2150, XX2250,
XX2250SP, XX2160,

AGA 6810 G


Safety risk

A fault with the cooker's shut-off valves, poses a risk that the devices may overheat and could explode.

Prohibited from sale

The tests and audits also revealed various levels of non-compliances to Australian and International standards.  This means all appliance certificates have been suspended by the independent safety certifiers for the following known models:

Portable butane cookers prohibited from sale
Model Name Model Number Certificate Number
Adventuridge ALD41540 SAI-400133

House Brand

509245 SAI SCS20063

Campmaster, Kookaburra, Grillpro,
Topstove, Fiesta, Falcon,
Wild Country, Freetime, Festiva,
The Stove, Sunshine

CM2200S, CM2200,
CM2100, STO990,
ST7000, FT2100,
ST1, ST2 and other
models with any 2 letters
in front of the digits.

AGA 5907 G
(expired certificate)

Campmaster, Kookaburra, Grillpro,
Topstove, Fiesta, Falcon, Wild Country,
Freetime, Festiva, The Stove, Sunshine

XX2170, XX2270

AGA 6834 G
(expired certificate)

Campmaster, Kookaburra, Grillpro,
Topstove, Fiesta, Falcon,
Wild Country, Freetime, Festiva,
The Stove, Sunshine, Campers
Collection, Oztrail, Roman, Progaz,
Escape, Gas Craft

CM2100, CM2200, 
STO990, ST7000, FT2100,

FT2200, ST1, ST2

AGA 5907
Companion COMP523 SAI SCS20063
Companion COMP534 SAI GSCS20210
Five Star MS-2000 AGA 7437 G
Gasmate Plus MS-2000 AGA 7437 G

Gasmate, Gasmaster, Jumbuck,
Jackeroo, Excalibur

BC1080 AGA 7761 G

Gasmate, Gasmaster, Jumbuck, 
Jackeroo, Excalibur, Adventuridge, 
Buy Right

PC1060, KPC1060, 
MPC1060, PC1065,
JPC1065, PC1070,
PC1075, PC2070,
KPC2070, MPC2070,
AR2070, PC2075,

AGA 7920 G
Jackeroo PL-121, PL121-2 SAI GAS40077
Kookaburra ST0912 SAI GSCS20210
Kookaburra ST0990 SAI SCS20063
Primus 2240 SAI SCS20063
Primus 2271 SAI SCS20063
Primus TLB-102L SAI SCS20063
Primus (Double Burner) 2282 SAI GSCS20210
Red Desert 509230 SAI SCS20063
Spinifex 7027612 SAI SCS20063
Spinifex 90024574 SAI SCS20063


Butane cookers permitted for sale and use

New lunch box cookers have come on the market since this ban took effect in June 2015. The new lunchbox cookers are certified to comply with the Australian Standards. If you have any doubts about the lunchbox cooker you are intending to buy, then please visit the Gas Technical Regulators Committee National Certification Database where you can search for any gas appliance (including lunchbox cookers) to verify the current certification status.

Further information on portable butane cookers

Contact EnergySafety on 6251 1900 for technical queries

Contact Consumer Protection on 1300 30 40 54 or email consumer@dmirs.wa.gov.au for consumer rights information

Caravan Gas Safety Alert

Swift 500 series cookers (all models incorporating an oven with a brass push down button along the left side of hob)

Manufactured between April 2012 and August 2013

Serial numbers between 10447 – 14451 and 2908 – 3446

(Use the date of manufacture of the caravan as an indication of the date of manufacture of the cooker)

What is the problem

Heavy vibration (i.e. where a vehicle is driven at excessive speed in off-road conditions, etc.) can cause cracks in appliance pipes/fitting lines potentially resulting in a gas leak.

What should you do

  • If you smell gas, turn off the gas supply and have the system checked for gas leaks. Do not ignore a gas leak.
  • Check that the base of the cooker is supported at front and rear.

In any case, contact Swift on 03 93593068 or email service@swiftappliancegroup.com.au

What will Swift do

When you contact Swift they will advise what should be checked and any corrective action. They will provide advice as to the need for and placement of Gas Leak Detectors.

Where to find more information

Check the Swift website for any safety issues and directions issued regarding safety and performance www.swiftappliancegroup.com.au

Thetford Triplex Plus Oven/Grill Cooker

Thetford Triplex Plus cookers were fitted into Jayco vans nationally.


Selected Jayco chassis numbers between R81942 up to S81151.

Safety risks

The gas control valve may be misaligned and the valve may stick open. If the defect is present there is a risk of gas building up into the appliance when not lit and this may lead to a possible explosion within the oven.

Further information

Contact Thetford Australia Pty Ltd
Telephone: 03 9358 0705
Website: www.thetford-europe.com./au

Cannon Fitzroy and Canterbury inbuilt gas heaters

Gas heaters provide safe and economical heating for millions of Australian families.

Laboratory testing suggests that it may be possible that Cannon Fitzroy or Canterbury inbuilt gas heaters built between 20 March 2001 and 8 October 2009 under AGA Approval 6118 could produce potentially hazardous levels of carbon monoxide if the heater is subjected to certain conditions, including the operation of range hoods and other exhaust fans. The risk may be increased if the inbuilt heater has not been installed properly, or if it has not been serviced regularly, or if your house if tightly sealed.

The build date and AGA Approval number of the heater appear on the heater's ratings label, which is located within the lower fan chamber, and which a suitably qualified person can access by removing the lower fascia panel of the heater.

What should you do

If you think you have one of these inbuilt gas heaters, you should not use it until you have had it checked by an authorised Cannon service technician to ensure that the operation of exhaust fans or the installation of the heater does not affect the safety of your heater. You or your technician should call Cannon with any questions or concerns.

Further information

Contact Cannon
Telephone: 1800 035 410
website: www.cannonappliances.com.au/safety-message

Jumbuck 6 burner solid hotplate barbecue

Barbecue - 6 burner solid hotplate - 'Jumbuck' - Model BG1507B6 Item number 3171031. Batch numbers are labelled on the side of the unit, numbers are 1516, 1518, 1522, 1525, 1529 inclusive. Sold since June 2015 (Price: $299.00)

What are the defects?

In isolated cases, burners may not align correctly with the gas delivery jets. Upon ignition the gas within the barbecue burner is likely to light at the jet rather than only at the burner ports.

What is the hazard?

If the defect exists, the flame at the jet may cause its corresponding plastic control knob on the outside fascia of the barbecue to get very hot. This may result in burns to the fingers upon contact with the knob.

Where the product was sold


Traders who sold this product

Bunnings Warehouse


Bunnings Group Limited

Supplier's website


What should you do?

Customers should stop using the barbecue and return the item to the nearest Bunnings store for a full refund.

Contact details

For further information please call the customer service centre on 1300 667 146 or email help@solutionservices.net.au

Primus Australia trading as Companion Brands - Portable Camping Butane Heater

Portable camping heater designed for outdoor use only, requires disposable 220G Butane Gas Cartridge for operation.

Identifying features

Companion COMP243 (available in various camping stores from 01.03.2015) and Adventuridge 41480 (available for sale in ALDI stores from 21.03.2015). The model number can be found on the data label located on the side of the appliance. The manufacture date label is located on the inside of the gas cartridge enclosure.

What are the defects?

If not used strictly according to manufacturer's instructions, there is a danger to public safety.

What are the hazards?

Consumers may be at risk of injury or death from carbon monoxide poisoning if appliance is not used in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions - outdoor use only.

Traders who sold this product

ALDI and various camping stores


Primus Australia trading as Companion Brands

Supplier's website


What should you do?

Consumers should stop using the product immediately. A replacement unit is being tested and finalised. Consumers can register to receive a replacement unit.

Further information

Please call Companion Brands Customer Service Line on 1300 555 197 and select option 3 (warranty) or email productsafety@companionbrands.com.au

Two burner Campmaster and Wildcountry Portable butane cartridge stoves


Supplied by Supercheap Auto Pty Ltd, BCF Australia Pty Ltd and Rays Outdoors Pty Ltd and sold nationwide through Supercheap Auto, BCF and Rays Outdoors stores.

Campmaster models CM2220RW and CM2220 and Wildcountry models WC2220RW and WC2220 with serial numbers AH1507240001 to AH1507242200 and AH1508150001 to AH1508152200.

The model and serial numbers can be found on the rear sticker of the two burner stove.


In these models, certain components such as O-rings and control knobs have failed.


If the defect occurs, there is a risk of gas leaking and fire.

What should you do?

Customers should stop using the product immediately and return to store for a full refund.

Further information

Customer Interaction Centre: 1300 175 010 (8:30am - 5:00pm AEST Monday - Friday)

Supercheap Auto store locator: www.supercheapauto.com.au

BCF store locator: www.bcf.com.au

Rays Outdoors store locator: www.raysoutdoors.com.au

AHM Ltd - Twin Portable Butane Stove


Check the model code and AGA certification number on the data label on the back right of the cooker. Stoves included in this recall are marked with model codes:

  • CM2220, CM2220RW, CM2220SP under Campmaster brand;
  • FT2220, FT2220RW, FT2220SP under Festiva brand;
  • AN2220, AN2220RW, AN2220SP under Spinifex brand; 
  • WC2220, WC2220RW under Wild Country brand; and
  • OZ2220, OZ2220RW under Oztrail brand.

All affected models will also carry AGA certification No 8221.

What are the defects?

In these models, certain components such as O-rings or seals may be defective. The other defect may include misalignment of the gas cartridge.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs, there is a risk of a gas leak that could lead to a fire.

Dates available for sale

1 August 2015 - 1 May 2016

Where the product was sold


Traders who sold this product

Masters, Woolworths, Big W, Anaconda, SuperCheap Auto, BCF and Rays Outdoors



Suppliers website


What should consumers do?

Stop using the product immediately and return the stove to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Once returned to the place of purchase consumers can register to receive notification regarding the purchase of a replacement cooker when available by sending an email to enquiries@ahm.co.nz or they can contact AHM Australia (07) 3208 1233.

Gasmate Butane torch

Sitro Group Australia Pty Ltd is undertaking a voluntary recall of the Gasmate Butane Torch Model BT1000 purchased between 13/10/2015 - 31/1/2016.


When the torch is engaged with the gas cartridge as detailed in the manufacturer's instructions a gas leak may occur.


Consumers may be at risk of injury from a potential gas leak.

What to Do

Consumers should stop using the product immediately. A replacement unit is currently being tested and finalised and will be ready in short order. Consumers can register to receive a replacement unit or they can contact Sitro Group Australia to discuss an alternative remedy.

Further information 

Call Sitro Customer Service Line on 1300 174 876

Email: productsafety@sitro.com.au.

Visit Product Recalls Australia to view the recall notice 


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