Industry Facilitation and Support Program testimonials

The IFSP provides businesses with up to $25,000 in matched funding to increase their competitiveness and productivity in major projects in Australia and overseas. IFSP funds have enabled businesses to undertake valuable operational improvements with the aim of equipping businesses to grow in an environment of increasing market pressures.

Funding recipient testimonials

Plexal Group
Round one metropolitan recipient
Funded by the Department of Commerce

“On behalf of Plexal Group, I would like to highly commend the WA Government for having the foresight to create the Industry Facilitation and Support Program aimed at providing assistance to where it is most needed, the forward looking companies driving the WA economy.

Plexal Group undertook a long term strategic decision to upgrade its IT infrastructure and systematise all company processes, wherever possible, including designing and building in-house project engineering software to ensure that it was better able to compete in the post boom period of more competitive and cost restrained market place.

Diverting working capital to fund large IT infrastructure spend is a huge issue for most small companies like Plexal so when the WA Government made available the program, Plexal applied for, and were ultimately successful, in securing funding.

The funds enabled Plexal to upgrade its IT infrastructure including servers, software and platforms to run its in-house developed software that we are now using as differentiator in the engineering marketplace. We are currently hiring additional staff for projects as a result of our long term focus on cost management and efficiencies.

Staying competitive in the challenging conditions facing companies  in WA requires the constant upgrading of systems and processes so any form of financial assistance is most gratefully received. 

I thank the WA Government and in particular, the Industry and Innovation Division, for their very professional support and assistance during our application and I would highly recommend to other companies that they seriously consider the Industry Facilitation and Support Program as a means to staying relevant in the market place.”

Oceanic Offshore
Round one regional recipient
Funded by the Department of Commerce

Oceanic Offshore were one of many WA state recipients of the Industry Facilitation and Support Program provided by the WA Government which provided Oceanic the competitive edge to successfully secure a significant contract within the region on one of the State’s largest gas hub construction on Chevron’s Wheatstone LNG Project.

With the funding assistance, Oceanic purchased the necessary machinery to support our mobilisations/demobilisations activities which effectively provided a cost saving. Typically these activities are required to be included in the tender submissions as a third party cost plus arrangement, however as we were assisted to obtain the necessary equipment this enabled Oceanic to conduct these activities internally, which effectively provided Oceanic Offshore the competitive edge to secure the contract.

It is humbling that a locally owned and operated family business such as Oceanic Offshore were given the opportunity to be involved with the Industry Facilitation and Support Program funding process, and it proves as a tribute to the State Government’s commitment to supporting the local and small businesses within regional areas of WA. So on behalf of all at Oceanic Offshore, we would like to sincerely say “Thank you for your ongoing support.”

Wallace Engineering
Round two regional recipient
Funded through the Royalties for Regions program, Department of Regional Development

“Through the substantial support and generosity of the Industry Facilitation and Support Program, Wallace Engineering has been provided with the opportunity to gain valuable ISNetworld accreditation which has directly enhanced and expanded the business through securing contracts with Caltex Australia for the repair and maintenance of plants in Albany and Kalgoorlie. As a direct result of this increased workload, Wallace Engineering has been able to expand their workforce and employ additional local staff.  

This is an incredibly valuable and commendable service that has enhanced not only a local business, but local families as well through new employment opportunities generated through Industry Facilitation and Support Program.”

Curtis Electrical Contracting Pty Ltd
Round two regional recipient
Funded through the Royalties for Regions program, Department of Regional Development

“Curtis Electrical Contracting would like to extend their sincere gratitude to the Department of Commerce and all involved in the Industry Facilitation and Support Program.

The benefits have been extremely valuable in assisting us to further develop, employ more staff and sustainably grow in a competitive market, some of these benefits include, increased client satisfaction, increased profit margins, better safety compliance and document control capabilities as well as the ability to communicate and effectively run remote sites, in addition we have retained three contracts and been awarded two new ones as a result.

Through the ongoing support and seminars provided by the Department’s Industry and Innovation Division, Curtis Electrical Contracting has had the opportunity to upskill, break new markets and push ourselves both as individuals and a business to strive for success.

Curtis Electrical Contracting would like to thank the Industry Facilitation and Support Program and the Department for all their past and present help, you are an invaluable asset to small business and we highly recommend you to other small businesses looking to take the next step in the market.”

Onslow Workforce and Labour Solutions
Round three regional recipient
Funded by Chevron Australia and the Department of Commerce

Onslow Workforce and Labour Solutions (OWLS) is a Thalanyji Traditional Owner business endorsed by Chevron and Buurabalayji Thalanyji Aboriginal Corporation. OWLS is committed to facilitating employment of Aboriginal people into roles on Chevron’s Gorgon and Wheatstone Gas projects.

OWLS received $8,000 from the Industry Facilitation and Support Program which enabled us to create the OWLS website and to establish our financial management systems.

The website has enabled us to create a portal through which Aboriginal job seekers can register interest and apply for jobs through OWLS. The website will also enable OWLS to showcase its successes in recruitment and present information on our Vocational Employment Training Centre. The funding received has significantly enhanced our capacity to engage effectively with Gorgon and Wheatstone contractors and the Aboriginal community.

We encourage other businesses to utilise the Industry Facilitation and Support Program to support their development.”

Geo Oceans
Round five metropolitan recipient
Funded by the Department of Commerce

“Funding support from through the Department of Commerce’s Industry Facilitation and Support Program has enabled Geo Oceans to build on existing technical capabilities for approaching new subsea oil and gas markets both in Australia and overseas.

The funding has been used to support the development and commercialisation of innovative technology for vessel, mooring and subsea infrastructure inspections using small and cost efficient remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) with a range of sensors and tools. The technology has potential to significantly reduce the costs associated with subsea inspections on oil and gas assets in WA, throughout Australia and overseas.

Geo Oceans is currently delivering several projects in WA and the South Pacific and is in discussions with an oil and gas major regarding a contract for subsea inspections in WA early in FY2016. Several of these projects have significant growth potential for Geo Oceans and may not have been possible without the opportunities provided by the Industry Facilitation and Support Program.”


Industry testimonials

Chevron Australia
Funding partner of the Onslow industry funding round

Chevron Australia is committed to working with local businesses to help build local capacity and capability. The Industry Facilitation Support Program shares similar aspirations; this includes supporting local businesses to participate in the resource sector. The Department of Commerce displayed innovation and flexibility in their approach to better ensure their program addressed the needs of local Onslow businesses. The Department worked extensively meeting local Onslow stakeholders and businesses to build a relationship and develop a level of trust within the community. This approach ensured a better understanding of local Onslow business needs and more importantly gained the endorsement of the local community to deliver the program in Onslow. This also included working collaboratively and substantially with local business support services to assist with the delivery of the program on the ground in Onslow. 

The department representatives remained communicative and receptive throughout our consultation process developing our partnership. It is important to acknowledge that their unique approach to working with local business through intensive consultation, flexibility and collaboration is arguably rare in this area of service delivery. The success of the program is undoubtedly as a result of the manner and methods that department undertook to deliver positive outcomes for businesses in Onslow. There is no better endorsement than local businesses being prepared to present at a business forum the impact the Industry Facilitation and Support Program had on their business, which occurred in Onslow during March this year. Congratulations to the Department of Commerce for the success of their program and the positive impact this has had on local businesses build capability.”

Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Key industry association, Onslow

“Through the Industry Facilitation and Support Program, funding has enabled Onslow businesses to build capability in preparation for future opportunities presented by resource projects such as the Chevron-operated Wheatstone Project.

Recipients have used grants to purchase new equipment, upgrade facilities, engage business consultants and provide staff with specialised capability development training.

The IFSP Onslow Round has resulted in nearly $3.7 million of new contracts awarded in town.

The Onslow Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that with the help of the Industry Facilitation and Support Program, it has raised the capacity of local business and enabled them to enter the resource industry and benefit from the large gas projects on our door step. The funding has also in most cases been spent in the local community which has benefited the community additionally.”

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