This industry bulletin is intended to alert permit authorities to pending changes to Western Australia’s building legislation which will come into effect when the Strata Titles Act 1985 (STA) is...
Building and Energy
20 Mar 2020
The quad bike safety standard poster highlights the key requirements of the safety standard. Please download the poster and display in a highly visible location. For more information visit the quad...
Consumer Protection
12 Mar 2020
Exemption from requirement for building permit for manufactured homes and attachments This industry bulletin provides information on the Building Amendment Regulations 2020 (Amendment Regulations)...
Building and Energy
11 Mar 2020
This industry bulletin has been issued to inform the Western Australian plumbing and building industries of new requirements when providing plumbing services to each lot on a survey strata scheme...
Building and Energy
04 Mar 2020
Building and Energy
24 Feb 2020
Appointed Medical Practitioners (AMP) undertaking health surveillance should have an understanding of the potential adverse health effects of inorganic lead, and use their clinical knowledge to advise on health surveillance of workers in the workplace. Lead is a cumulative toxic substance. Exposure...
Health surveillance
The objective of this policy is to guide members of the Building Services Board (the Board) and Building Commission staff in making appropriate, consistent and legally defensible decisions on the...
Building and Energy
12 Feb 2020
The Western Australian strategy and framework for the prevention and management of work-related musculoskeletal disorders are intended as useful resources for stakeholders who can influence...
11 Feb 2020
Keep this guide handy to answer questions about your housing options as you age. What is a retirement village? These are managed residential complexes providing independent living accommodation for...
Consumer Protection
Guide / handbook
03 Feb 2020
In late 2018 the Private Sector Labour Relations (PSLR) division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety commenced a proactive compliance campaign focused on compliance with...
Labour Relations
31 Jan 2020


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