This guideline has been developed to assist appliance designers, gas fitters and Type B inspectors in the design and approval of gas fuelled theatrical or other special effects to ensure compliance...
Building and Energy
Guide / handbook
12 Aug 2020
In early March 2020, a demolition team was taking down a large industrial unit. The team had removed fire suppression pipework from the roof and collected portable fire extinguishers from around the...
06 Aug 2020
Why are reforms being considered? Following a vehicle accident, drivers can easily be taken advantage of as they are often highly vulnerable and in shock. Serious concerns about the accident towing...
Consumer Protection
Consultations / public comment
10 Aug 2020
Welcome to the third issue of the 'Building Focus' newsletter. Building Focus brings you the latest news for the building, building surveying and painting industries.
Building and Energy
24 Jul 2020
A guide to obligations and use of the plumbing eNotice system
Building and Energy
Guide / handbook
23 Jul 2020
This compliance letter is provided to Consumer Protection by the Better Regulation Unit (BRU) of the Department of Treasury. The BRU is responsible for assessing Decision Regulatory Impact Statements...
Consumer Protection
21 Jul 2020
New fitness code published The Fair Trading (Fitness Industry Code) Regulations 2020 (WA) (that contain the new Fitness Industry Code) were published on 29 September 2020. This mandatory code comes...
Consumer Protection
16 Oct 2020
Self-check to help your Governing Body (i.e. Management Committee or Board) identify any areas of non-compliance with the Charitable Collections Act 1946 . Checklist for: Management responsibilities...
Consumer Protection
17 Jul 2020


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